March 30, 2008

Monsoon Romance

It was the day when the amber decided to talk to earth, no one could make him think the other way, nor could Johnny even after years of pleading.
I just wanted an excuse, and I had it this time, no looking back, no more thinking, I rushed after wearing my driving gear, I was off for my favourite hobby, Driving In Rain.

I was communicating with the drops, my message started becoming part of those sent form amber. Think he was not complaining.. Driving slowly across the road my eyes suddenly lost concentration...

My eyes fell on her, running for a shelter

She was weeping, and yelling once in a while

All turned deaf ears to her, she was not complaining though.

Separated from her dear ones, she was not at all comfortable in this new territory

Before I could notice more, I had zipped passed her, leaving the slide view of those images in my mind.

I became restless, there was now a bond which was created, She touched my heart, no she stole my heart and I have left it behind. I have become Heartless.. I wanted it back, but it was with her.

How can I ask her?

Who is she?

How will she behave, when I talk to her?

Not caring about these questions, I decided to rush to her.She was not there, my eyes kept searching, there she was, taking refuge in the bus shelter.She was alone, she was beautiful, but still, every one ignored her.I parked my bike, and walked to the bus shelter, questions kept pouring in my mind.

What the people around will think, would I be branded as an "Eve Teaser", with all courage I went forward.

Now I was near her, by-standers started noticing me.

Removing my helmet, my eyes met her eyes, the brown eyes were confused, water kept dripping from her head. On seeing me she took a step back, scared, she was confused.

Not knowing her name, I called her to me, using action, but she still was confused.

I was being watched, by all.Now I had no other option, but to win her confidence.

I touched her wet head, she was shocked. I held her hand, it was soft as a sponge, nails were long, before I could feel more, I felt the hand slipping from my grasp in despire.

She was completely confused, she resisted, but just for a minute, once she felt comfortable her eyes spelt confidence.She smiled, and knew I was there for her rescue.

Sharing my jacket with her, we marched towards to my bike.

I was not sure, what I was doing; but believed I was correct.

Let the world blame me, my conscience would never.

I did what I felt, and I am correct.

Overcoming the brief resistance, I was able to win confidence from Mom and Dad.

Now it's 4 year past this incident, she lives with me, she is ma love, she is my best friend.

She is Nuerie, The Labrador Retriever , My Love

Made 4 eachother

"Couple" : Made for each other
The word which makes 2 sapiens 1
The word which brings 2 world into 1
The word which make 2 sapiens work for 1 goal

Hats Off to all couples out there...

March 23, 2008

Far yet to close

She was close, but I did not realise
She loved me, but I ignored it
She waited for me, but I was too busy
She is Faraway, but I now realised how close she was to me.

I missed her, the relation drifted away at glacial pace,but one fine morning, all was over
The glacier had sunk, leaving me searching

I was not ignoring you, instead I was setting up my career for you
I never admired your attire, but it never meant I was not liking them
I teased you, but I never meant to hurt you
I commented on your negative, but I always saw more positive in you.
I shouted at you, but it was filled more with love rather than anger

We never said we liked each other, but it was all in the air, it was there in our minds, but not in our lips... but it was too late...

You now remain in my dreams
You still rule my heart
You are not in my rear view mirror, but in my windshield
Your absence is the presence which I feel day in day out...
You are far away from me, beyond my reach, but I wish... I wish

March 10, 2008

Please give back my ..............

It was half day... had reached home early, took a good cool shower and gulped down the food mom had kept ready.Slowly each and every grain found its way to its destination conquering the available space. It was time to take nap, switched on the player and went to bed, to rest those aching bones.
Suddenly when the nap broke it was 5:00.... with sleepy eyes, unsteady steps, disturbed hairs I marched like a drunken man towards the face wash.Made my self presentable and sat near the window.., with Kitty on lap, ma eyes are waiting in anticipation, ears are wandering to hear that particular sound.Hands busy patting kitty, but mind was somewhere else.. like the cold breeze blowing my sense were all over the places..
Suddenly all sense join hand and re-enter my body.. assertiveness is the mantra of the second.

Smile slowly broke off my lips.. eyes were targeting those white polythene bag... the silence was broken by the vibrating sound of the motor.Like an hero entering the scene, Dad made his entry.. Mom opened the gates... She walked towards the door, in hand were the polythene bag, I rushed to the door racing against those electric pulses before it reached those sound producing machines call Calling bell.
I stood on the door, with a smile, with a hug and kiss mom greeted her son, who looked neat today.After exploring those polythene bags and savouring those yummy's she brings often on returning from office... my concentration shifted to Dad. Who started with normal Q&A session.
The day was special, it was month end, and I have been waiting... my purse is gonna be heavier.The pocket money time.
Like a bride standing in front of her new Groom, I stood in front of dad... leaning across the door, coming back and front, breaking the silence with the creep.... the sound waves start their journey ..

Me : Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
Dad: Deaf ears to me....
Me : Again.. Papaaaaaaaaaaaa... Achaaa...........Dadddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyy
Dad: With a smile.. yes Son...
Me: Pocket money...

Dad with a smile, takes a note from his pocket, this note was kept separately, just for me, with a kiss on forehead he hands me that currency note. Saying thank u i ran to my room, opened my purse.. It was filled with those currency notes, 10 rupees notes, fresh and crisp. This time the count of notes were five in the purse.Half century. Five months earning. I was happy.. I could get the Milkybar truck. .I was not found of Milkybar, I was found of that truck, there were 5 bars, 2 goes to Sis,once each for Dad, Mom and Me.

The happiness those currency notes provided by Dad were beyond explanation, the joy I had collecting those were beyond hobbies.Even though many times the currency do accumulate in my account they are just dead currencies, nothing more, they do not have the love of my dad, who made sure he kept a currency note for me aside from his salary

I wish those days could return,
I wish I could still peep out of window to see dad and mom coming in Scooter,
I wish I could cherish the savouries Mom brought for me again
I wish I could ask Dad for pocket money
I wish I could share the chocolates again with all....
I wish......
I wish let the eye drops on my hand do evaporate soon....

March 07, 2008

Women's Day

You talk about your feeling
Sometimes I keep mine to myself
But that doesn't mean your foolish
And you know
I don't want anybody else
And you can say I love you
Like hello and goodbye.
Well I don't say it very often
But you know
I'll love you till the day I die
That's just the difference
Between a woman and a man
Thank god for that difference
When we both understand
A woman and a man
To all those ladies out there, Fresh Lime Soda Salutes you... U r so special, beyond words...

Pot Luck 2 Pot Belly

Water Water everywhere not a drop to Drink
Food food everywhere, lack of space to occupy it.
Yes this was my state after the Pot luck which happened in my office.
Few highly active brain cells decided to showcase their cooking talents, to get extra admiration from those handsome hunks and the pot luck was born.The victims were we boys gang... who had no idea about cooking nor did they have some one to cook for them.Uncle gangs (We call the married guys Uncle Gang :)) some how managed to convenience their other half to cook and bring in the share.
For a part time cook, it was again not an easy job to cook, that to cook for 30 odd people.. ho my gosh.. If I cook, some souls will be biting their time going 2 loo.....;)

So we Bachelor boys decided to take service of some hotel to bring in those dishes.
Hey now the story is not this.. the story begins now.
With anticipation of great food, I skipped my breakfast.. it was 12:30 tom was active chasing Jerry in my stomach. I made a move to the pantry... Hoo what a scene, what an aroma.. I was blown away.
After few talks from our heads the mission began...
Ms N was in front of me in queue, we slowly took one dish at a time, I took few Paratas (India Bread) and some Veg dishes. Ms N hey did u try my Dal.. I said no.. She became so proactive and served me her Dal.... With prayers in my mind I started off..

The Dal was really good and blended well with my Paratha.Admiration started flowing to Ms N and few others whose Dish I had tasted. Suddenly I heard Ms L telling me.. Rechii did to take my Noodles. I said Nop buddy, I just started with Breads. Okie Do not forget to serve the same for u. Like an obedient student I went in to take those noodles. On the way Ms S said hey did U taste my Rajma Masala, Ms A asked did u taste my chicken curry, Mr S asked boy did u taste my Vada the list went on... When I was in front of the dishes.. I started picking up the dishes from the list, It was as if I was doing my Mom's grocery shopping, looking into the list and picking up the items. After getting all items in the list irrespective of the combination, I gulped them, and passing genuine comments to all.
I was almost full.Some space left for the Desserts, their came the Managers, they asked buddy U tasted my Biriyani, Mate did u taste my this that.. etc etc... Being the top guys I never wanted to break their Hearts and Screw up my appraisal, I went in and gulped them. With Lavish praise for their wife's. They indeed deserved it.
Now came the dessert, How can I can Skip it, and with beautiful team mates asking me to try their dishes. There was no space left in my tummy, I had to throw away the Tom's and Jerry's to accommodate some more dish.

Now was the comment passing time, I went on to each and every person to say my comment. I really loved the day, but I was unable to move, I was unable to work. Some Unknown forces were closing my eyes while on work. With hard efforts I tried to survive the day in office, not before where in Gym I had to do the extra work out. I was made to run a lot, and do lots of aerobics. I was famished.. but I enjoyed.... Food from all over world was in my stomach, throwing away my fitness manuals to air I enjoyed the pot luck and the pot luck succeed in bringing in a Pot belly for me on that day.Which was short lived...

March 02, 2008

Tempest Conquered

They took away my belief, but they could not take away my power.
They portrait me as a looser, but they never discovered the Phoenix in me
Now fate and sorcery will conspire to maroon them in my domain.
My rules.
My revenge
I am Back.....
All giving me thumbs down, with all relishing the pomp and splendour of life, with all enjoying the way they could... i was still not sad... I had learned to survive.. survive the tempest, survive the turbulence of mind, survive to stay, learn to understand...and above all Learn to Wait

Yes I am happy in my own world where I had conquered the Tempest... and here I am the hero
A hero in the movie where all are just mute spectators, because I have arrived to build the dynasty of mine
It's my belief that every flower enjoys the air it's breath