July 14, 2008


Boy's will be boy's and would continue to be so.
This was the punch line which governed us through out, be it vanishing from hostel, going out on a wild goose chase on weekends. It was fun, no one to care and bother.
Kids were our biggest enemy, there silly question, loud crying for nothing, always insisting on winning the game, and if belongs to the lower age category gosh the scare of pee.... Ahaa kids and myself never go hand in hand.. so was the case with ma friends. I just used to rush through the back door if mom brings in some kids from neighbourhood, just to spoil my room and once all done she says one comment "Kochu allae da" (he is a kid right!!)

The torture does not end here, while travelling the kid in the front seat make sure he turns back and looks at me as if he is seeing a ancient creature. With Mom besides to encourage the kid by making all nasty noise.

Boy, but did something change now.
My partner in all these crime has changed.
Now when we are in supermarket, he smiles at the babies,
When ever we invite him for weekend party, he just backs out.
He is hardly seems around after office hours.
Weekends, he is always busy
All these because he is now a Dad.
He just wanna spend time with his kid. And the very same guy makes sure when ever I visit him, he says to his son, look Son who has come..... and places him on ma lap....
It's evolution, I never expected him to change like this.. but my belief was wrong.

Aah... I doubt now "Boys will not be boys always, they mature to Man one day"
Hey am I smiling at that baby, sitting besides me....

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hehee..tumhara number kab aayega??
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