November 09, 2008

A Date with _____

Life has been a roller coaster ride, sometimes it gave more than I wanted some times it didn't. The hiatus of this occurrence was beyond calculation, with no clear answer for any of my question until the day I went for a date.
A date which changed my outlook,
A date which changed my attitude,
A date which changed my lifestyle,
A date which changed everything.

The day kicked off, with a raised eyebrow. Cursing the blanket which denied be the proper comfort "Aha can't these guys make a softer blanket"
A peep outside the window, took my eyes on to the garden bench where some one laid under a torn blanket, in the chill with out complaining.
But I was complaining though

Gulping up the breakfast, I commented..The same old taste, the same old food. Can I have something different.
A look just round the corner, saw a elderly woman, standing to get a left over, with out complain about anything.
But I was complaining though
Sitting in my cabin, doing the work, something irked me, Air condition was not at his best, I complained to get it fixed so that I could work in comfort.
A sip of coffee and peeping through the window, I could see mason's working under the hot sun, with out even complaining.
But I did

Leaving late night from office, complaining about too much of work, I pushed towards exit just to see the same security saluting me day in and day out, with out even complaining
But I was
Tired after a heavy workout, my hands searched for those energy drinks.I said "Aha wheres the fizz, its do dull with out the fizz"
Turned back and looked beside, saw a kid who didn't even have tasted a full glass of milk, leave alone these energy drinks. But he was not complaining, I was though.

Listening to the news all complained about the job cuts. Hue and cry echoed in the air. Feeling sad about these events, I headed to balcony just to see bullock being led to butchery after years of service for his master. He was not complaining, even when death was his co passenger.

The eventful date thought me a lot, thought me which I never thought of.Just went on complaining with out much thinking. Not any more though, everything has changed and changed after
The Date with LIFE

November 06, 2008

Confundido mamá

A uncertain broker in the wall street, undecided on what to do, ambling across in the taciturnity of the streets.

This was me for past 1 week... undecided what had gone wrong. All this started with a vibration in my trouser pocket , it vibrated till i said the customary word....

Me: Heeellloooo... Mom!!

Mom: Hi Son, how u being doing today.

before I could answer in came the next question..

Mom : R U alright? Is there something which is bothering you.Make u unsettle.

With eye brows raising inch by inch and the rusted part of the brain started creaking, nothing was clear

Mom : Son, life is not a bed of roses, even if you want the rose there are some thorns hidden in it. If you fail getting one rose, never be disheartened.

Aha this was the limit, I was getting frenetic.

Me : Mom, can I ring u back later, I am in midst of something.

Mom: hmmm....

I was confused... brain cells woke up interrogating the cause of this call. Chaos, turmoil, upheaval, commotion, muddle, mayhem what word should I use to describe my situation.

Few hours later with the curiosity reaching its peak, I decided to ring back Mom.

Caller tune sang : Ma Ka Ladla Bigad Gaya.... (from Dostana) (Means: Mom's Darling has been spoiled)

Curiosity matrix touched its peak.

It was dad who picked up the phone.

Dad: Hey Son...

Me: Dadddd.. wassup mate... Wherez mom.. is she not around

Dad: Yes she is... she is just busy reading your blog

Me: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat My Blog

Dad: Yes Son... says thanks to your sis who found this secret out.

Me : Dad.. hold on... Did u read it..

Dad: Nop son, I will read it soon... U don't worry... Meanwhile you should have told me that you had an affair.How u guys broke....

Me : Dad .. those are just imaginations.. nothing is real... Is that what Mom wanted to speak to me in morning.

Dad : I guess so.

Ho my God.. Now I understood the story.. Mom read my blog as if she is reading my autobiography.. I tried to convince her that these are just my personnel musing, and no way related to my personnel life. Though some instance do.. not all.

She was not convinced, though she gave a Hmm in concern.

It was high time I decided to ring up Mom's personnel advisor.. My Sis....

Me: Sis wassup

Sis : Doing good Bro.. I am having your favourite shake, you want it dude

Me: Na sis, not in mood to gulp it..

Sis:(with a wicked smile) yea I can understand the feeling of Romeo...

Me: Hold on.. U know that I just write my blogs, and no way directly related to ma life..

Sis: yea I know, but this time I thought the other way... What ever U wanna me to convince mom.

Me : yea

Done deal was her answer, and must say she kept her word but...

Tea party at Cafe Coffee Day for Sis RS 500.

Red designer Saree for Sis Rs 3000

Convincing Mom about reality by Sis Priceless

For everything else there is a Credit Card

But to convince Mom its only Sister.

October 26, 2008

Unending Pain for a Days Happiness

Clock struck 6:30 pm... eye balls rolled in search of something. . unable to trace its still kept rolling, passing on the pulses to brain cell to the neck, which also joined in the search. Something flashy caught the eyes.. it was flashing, with a small vibration... sounded like a bee over a flower to suck its nectar.
As the bee latches on the the flower, he hung on to it and taking in near to his sense organ he whispered... "Hai"

Looking at the surrounding he rushed to the private corner, and made himself comfortable.He whispered "how are you, today?
In came the voice : fine.. and U?
It was the typical conversation between two loving hearts. He often accompanied her with his voice till she reached her door steps... a care which he could afford sitting some distance away.
The picture was rosier, love birds just fluttered around in joy, breeze made them comfortable. all ingredients for a smooth and love filled conversation. The pains were shared, the love was left what else more could one ask for.. Yes he was lucky to have it.
Not all things stand long, so did his fairy tale, twist in the tale came, when the relation had to be broken, for a reason which he never dreamt of. His mind was in turbulence of the sea, unclear as an avalanche.
Like the colors mixed in water, thoughts just disturbed his mind.He for that few hours did not realise what he was saying. He did broke her heart, with he himself disturbed. She was sad, she wept tears, and gaining all courage she said, words which he wished to hear.. It was the pain for her for that moment...
A turbulence of non sense ideas, glacier paced smart thinking made his brain hibernate. Once the hibernation was over, he found himself in a no mans land. All alone in this world. It was 6:30 no more vibrations on his cellphone. No more whispering Hello.
He ringed the most familiar number to him, after few rings in came the voice he treasured most.
She was happy to see him call, after few round of apologises things started falling in place, just to find out that the base on which they had built this relation no more existed. She has moved on, moved on to a new life which she got not by choice but by chance. She was happy though.
She was sad for one day, but became happy ever after that, but he was happy for one day but sad ever after that. Mistiness in his mind cleared turbulence lie deep beneath with out any notice. He had to accept these line to be satisfied for rest of this life, yes of course in her dreams

Sometimes we hurt in order to grow,
Sometimes we must lose in order to gain,
Because some lessons in life are,
Best learnt through pain

October 25, 2008

The Wolf Howls - At Last

I was happy with my daily routine, at least i was enthusiastic enough to write a blog every month. Fresh Lime Soda was fizzing daily... hits started getting counted from around the world.
Comments section showed the increment in the comments.
Lime was squeezed and the nectar extracted. Aa all the good things should come to an end naa.. my manager blooming jealous of superb time management decided to sharpen my skills by sending me to a time management training.

The resistance was high from my side, but he was decided. Like a horse who had no other choice to run with the cart, I was also forced.
Enter the scene of training, the fizz from lime soda cooled me on see the those scenes. Girls filled in the room... with quite a few gentlemen around. I was feeling like a cowboy entering the scene...
Making sure I sat next to one of the busiest corners of the training hall, i made my self comfortable. I never missed on making my neighbours also comfortable. Going on a introductory speer I made sure they did not miss my name...
Hmm err was I in for a time management training... or communication training.. Err I am now confused. Hearing bits and pieces from the tutor, and concentrating on make sure my neighbours understood time management well was the agenda in my book.
The day ended on a happy note... with smiling bye, keep in touch comments just made me float like a pollen grain.
The bits and pieces of the teaching from training which I introduced in my life, took me completely out of track... Err I was implementing only the half my learning.. rest half gone for a toss...
Like the financial recession in the current economy, Misty dew too faced the same recession. Months went with out any post... Fizz from the lime soda went off....
Then came the rescue plan... My neighbour in training came up with a solution which I missed from training... aha that helped... though the fizz was lost.. but I decided to howl at least once on a full moon day.. hence born the howling Wolf... the wolf is howling again...

September 21, 2008

Special Day Called Onam

Onam never has been better than this...
The smell of fresh air,
cool breeze from the paddy field
fresh water of the pond
all these which I never cherished, are now worth more than words for me.
As my Granny say, Kannu ullapol athindae Vella ariyi illa (You never know the worth of your eyes when you have it)
For past 24 years Onam was like yet another festival for me, mostly spending time in front of computer, or office and watching the snaps, nothing more.
With life getting busier, Kerala just in dreams, it was a well deserved break. Thanks to Dad for forcing me to come home.
It was quite special... with a complete battalion of relatives waiting for me, to land, cousins whom i haven't met for years, only source was Orkut and Facebook to meet them. Uncles and aunts who almost forgot me. It was nice to see everyone getting together.
There were some curious onlookers to eager to watch me, yea the new members in our family, Sis-in-laws, Bro-in-laws who have just heard about me, never seen me (may be once during marriage function) and some of the little wonders, who celebrated their first Onam.
It was fun, It was not only me in this scenario, they was 5 such wonders like me, whom the complete family wanted to see... rather witness our existence.
Day started with we all being pushed out of bed as early as 6:00 am, (aha At last i saw a rising son), asking to take bath in the chilled pond.. it was fun to say.
Then the traditional foods... fats, carbohydrates were not on top of mind. It was just enjoy dude.
After a heavy breakfast, sat on to narrate the IT adventures to uncles. It was as if I had come from a war front.
There were few budding professionals, who now had a rethink about their dreams.
The Best place was the kitchen, and where else should I be in between ladies its fun dude...
As soon I dashed to kitchen, I was handed over the coconut and was advised to start grating.
Not sure how many coconuts I grated. But it was fun..
Lunch time... was yet another epic. It was non stop serving of dishes. I almost ended up gulping everything. Spoons and fork were away, hand were busy. Licking of payasam was a special experience which I forgot, thankfully the trace of that art was remaining in me.

Three days passed on like a whisker, but left is impression on ma mind. to be cherished for long.
The end result was ma happy mind, but a unhappy body, I had gained 4 kg in 3 days. Gods know how many weeks I have to spend for getting it reduced.
Bangalore here I come back... Aha Do i smell Namma Banagaluru some where....

July 18, 2008

Tagged... and brought back to blogs

A tag to bring me back to blogs by Fly away mind after a long time... Thanks da for tagging me..
Last movie seen in a theatre?
Race and Bal Hanuman :D, actually i do watch all movies @home, so hardly get chance to go to theatre.
What book are you reading?
None.My favourite books are home for termites now.
Favorite board game:
Monopoly... Man it goes for hours and hours, if the opponent is smart
Favorite magazine:
Auto magazine like Overdrive, Autocar India
Today's Favorite smells:
Petrol, Paint and Axe Deo
Favorite sound:
Rumble of waterfall. Sound of ma nephew
Worst feeling in the world:
When I feel I have been left out.
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
10 more minute
Favorite fast food place:
Ice Chariot in Cambridge Layout. The cost is nominal, chaats are good so are the dishes
Appu's Thattukada : All stuffs are tasty.. :D
Future child’s name:
Mmm... first let me find a mummy for the child :D
Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…”
Wud buy few plots & flats in Kerala,and Bangalore, rent it out, and enjoy for rest of my life in Dubai Plam Island
Do you drive fast?
Ahha.. Speed Kills but Thrills... so I love the thrill
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Naa... I have a pillow besides me, which I used to hug always, since I was 1year old.Pillows changed as I grew, but habit remained.
Favourite drink
Lime soda ofcourse and Kasmiri Shake which I had first time from Kasargode and now from Empire in Embassy Golf link Business park (shake name is different here though)
Do you eat the stem of broccoli?
Ahha to write this tag, I had too..
Storms - Cool or Scary?
Cool ahaa... Noo super cool...
If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
Coloring, I know the difficulty in keeping ma hairs intact and you wanna now color it as well...
Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:
Jabalpur (M.P), Trivandrum, Kannur, Kasargode (all in Kerala) and Bangalore (Karnataka)
Favorite sports to watch:
Cricket and football.. and yea Tennis, Ladies only :D, exception when Nadal and Frederer play
One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:
A bubbly, chatterbox and down-to-earth person(Sometimes she goes under the Well to prove that she is even better). All this once after she became my friend. :D
What’s under your bed?
Call James bond to investigate. :D Actually I am hygiene freak, so u can guess
Would you like to be born as yourself again?
Yes… y not, sorry if u have an eye to take ma place, no luck
Morning person or night owl?
Morning person during office days, on weekends night owl
Over easy or sunny side up?
Over easy, If u wanna serve me sunny side up, make sure u give me lots of pepper.
Favorite place to relax:
My garden at home..with Bruno and Tipu besides
Favorite pie:
Apple pie, when u say pie first thing come to ma mind is American pie . :D.
Well watched all the 6 volumes
Favorite ice cream flavor:
Vanilla, Mango and tuti- fruti
You pass this tag to: Anyone reading this interested let me know. I will tag you

July 14, 2008


Boy's will be boy's and would continue to be so.
This was the punch line which governed us through out, be it vanishing from hostel, going out on a wild goose chase on weekends. It was fun, no one to care and bother.
Kids were our biggest enemy, there silly question, loud crying for nothing, always insisting on winning the game, and if belongs to the lower age category gosh the scare of pee.... Ahaa kids and myself never go hand in hand.. so was the case with ma friends. I just used to rush through the back door if mom brings in some kids from neighbourhood, just to spoil my room and once all done she says one comment "Kochu allae da" (he is a kid right!!)

The torture does not end here, while travelling the kid in the front seat make sure he turns back and looks at me as if he is seeing a ancient creature. With Mom besides to encourage the kid by making all nasty noise.

Boy, but did something change now.
My partner in all these crime has changed.
Now when we are in supermarket, he smiles at the babies,
When ever we invite him for weekend party, he just backs out.
He is hardly seems around after office hours.
Weekends, he is always busy
All these because he is now a Dad.
He just wanna spend time with his kid. And the very same guy makes sure when ever I visit him, he says to his son, look Son who has come..... and places him on ma lap....
It's evolution, I never expected him to change like this.. but my belief was wrong.

Aah... I doubt now "Boys will not be boys always, they mature to Man one day"
Hey am I smiling at that baby, sitting besides me....

May 13, 2008


Sun shine was at his best... air conditioner was fighting a loosing battle... deep in the thoughts of the fight my mind ambles into the unknown territory, which I never explored before... and I never bothered too.

Waiting for her in evening with all eyes on the road is history now, the eyes hardly gets the break from this machine, forget the roads, but it didn't hurt her.. or may be it did...
Taste buds never tickled the brain on the dining table, it just gulped down the goodies with out any praise, even if she might not have expected it... or may be she did
Those love filled hugs, brushing of un kept hairs were no longer enjoyable... they just made my forearm shrink... but it did not hurt her, but may be it did...
The secure feeling which I had earlier while I was holding her hand was no longer secure.. she never complained... but may be she did...

Now I realise
She never placed me in her eyes, I was not the apple of her eye, because she feared, the tears could drown me, instead she kept me in her heart.
Everything came with an expiry date, but her love never
The God picked up a flower, dipped it in dew, loving touched it, gifted it to me and said Son this is for u. Take care of her.....
Impulses broke my nap, and it triggered a new impulse, dialed a number, and on hearing the sound which I now wanted to hear more... I said

"Happy Mother day Mom" Love you a lot.....
And this time I really meant....

May 01, 2008


Moon came up in the sky, the chill eclipsed the warmth of the sun,
Wind distributed the chill..
The ripples of the water were shinning in the moon.
Once in a while few guest peeped out of the water to see us.
Getting a glance, was their mission I guess.
The wind continued to comfort us, hair flew over the face.Soft hands cleared them from my face.

Candles smiled like the sun, engulfed by the darkness
Aroma of the dishes kept poking our nose
Eyes to eye contact was disturbed by the sizzlers, with their aroma filled smoke.
With occasional talks, dishes found their way into our stomach,
leaving few residues besides my lips, just waiting for a helping hand to clear them off. The scenes moved fast, munching the popcorn's we enjoyed the each and every moment.
In between few comments were passed on,
just to evoke her anger buds and a reciprocal reaction in turn.


A blanket engulfed me at a glacial pace
Darkness surrounded me, which I never noticed until when
No one was there to comb back my hairs
No one was there to clear ma lips
No one was there to poke me
I was not alone, I am now with ma friend Solitude.
Tears go unnoticed, dreams go unsaid, emotion goes unsaid.
Waiting for someone to return, and return soon

April 26, 2008

Rear view

The road was open, the streets were silent...
all are in a hurry, to wait was something seen as an offense.
This is the mad mad world.. where all are busy, sweating it outfrom the day we join school, we are in the stable, one day to be the part of the jackpot, the flag mast which every one wants to reach.
Innumerable dreams, relations, emotions lie crushed under our hoofs,
even they plead but we don't bother, because to stop and listen is a sin.
Love give ways to greed, emotions find no place in the dictionary, but life has to move.
Darwin theory is upheld, but not in the right spirit which he might have thought while creating it
Looks are no longer with love, but with sympathy, words are not for comfort, but for demoralising.
We all are in a hurry just for, we are in the mad rush, a mad rush for the ordinary piece of paper which itself might not have thought it would be so valuable, but all this is only for one cause....
All our lives we sweat n save , building for a shallow grave

April 23, 2008

Vishu with a Difference

The world awakens to new hopes, new dreams... this is what mom says to me about Vishu.

Every time when calender shows April 14, clock strikes 4:00am, I hear a sound calling me, piercing deep inside my conscious, breaking my sleep... but those soft hands covered my eyes, and guided me to heaven were a superb and mind awakening decoration waited.
Seeing those yellow coloured flowers, load Krishna idol, and loads other stuffs which were supposed to make my year ahead filled with joy and splendour.
All in the house woke up to this beautiful view, but for my mom, she was the person who decorated it, but what about her vishukanni, what about her year ahead.. no one thought it, at least not me.
Not anymore...
Mom all over world woke up early to decorate the vishu kanni, sacrificing their luck, well being for family. When asked all said, you all come in front of us first, then ourselves.
I was moved, but this Vishu things reversed.
Mom was not at her best with respect to her health, I knew she would find it difficult waking up early in morning to bring us joy for the year ahead, but felt she would forgo her health for us.
It should be our endeavour to make ma family prosper only to leave Father Time bear testimony to the zeitgeist because ‘A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step…’
I decided to take the step, this time before mother could wake up, ma sound pierced her sleep with eyes blind folded, it was her turn to view the most beautiful vishukanni created by dad for her, which she might have forgotten long long time back...
Once the ritual was performed tears poured from her eyes, she did not expect this...but once all was done, i felt the best feeling ever we had.the best ever vishu...


April 04, 2008

The Great Software Installation

Home sweet home... is what I feel once in a blue moon, it’s when I rush to home to refresh Dad's and Mom's database.
I was treated as a celebrity, its not quite often they get to treat their son... thatz why...
This time my visit meant a lot for Dad and Mom, as they have planned something for me....
The conversation which happened was quite expected, if it was said in IT terminology it would have looked like this:

The agenda of the topic was about installing new software into the Laptop (me)
Database base administrator (DBA, mom) had invited Software quality analyst (SQA, Sis) for the discussion. The discussion was supervised by Chief Information Officer (Dad).

DBA: Son Laptop, We know you are meant for computation on mobility, but its time you decided to install software WIFE 1.0 into ur hard disk

Laptop: Nop DBA, I strongly feel I have no space in ma hard disk at this moment.
DBA: No Son, u can compress few data's as well as delete unwanted softwares.
Laptop: I doubt if WIFE 1.0 will be compatible with my processor. I need upgraded to the latest version before…
SQA: Nop Bro, your system is all set to accept the new software, U have required resource, and capacity with in you to run this software, with out any serious issues.
Laptop: Still the antivirus software won't enable me to install WIFE1.0
SQA: Eyebrow rose... Do you have a Girlfriend 1.0 version installed in you?
Laptop: Rejecting the system access request to SQA, and denying any further permission

CIO after hearing this conversation interferes

CIO: Son whatz bugging you about this installation
Laptop: CIO, I am afraid if I install wife1.0 it will give few unexpected errors.
More over in addition Wife 1.0 installs itself into all other programs and launches during system initialization where it monitors all other system activity.
DBA : So???
SQA: But this patch can be disabled if laptop has a strong hard drive, and prevent unwanted installation.(SQA is quite intelligent, she is the operating system in Laptop Bro-in-law)
DBA Approves SQA's comments.
Seeing installation of software nearing, Laptop throws in few more exception errors in front of all
Laptop: More over Saturday sports bar 6.3 will be uninstalled automatically, instead Saturday shopping 7.1 is installed.Boys Night out 2.0 will be uninstalled with out permission, and batch run time and applications like Late Night office 2.0 will be uninstalled.
CIO passes a smile, but SQA and DBA are furious. Questions start pouring out on the software Boys night out 2.0.They were wondering how AuntyCheck1.0 software failed to investigate this job running in laptop.
Laptop: CIO, uninstalling this software will impact system performance and CPU usage would rise drastically. More over desktop screensavers like French beared, coloured hair, underlip ghoti will no longer be available. faded laptop case will have to be replaced with a professional looking case.
Laptop sends in an encrypted message to CIO which said: CIO, monthly lubricating softwares like Kingfisher 1.0, Foster 2.0 will no longer be available.
Laptop continued this time the target was SQA and DBA...

Laptop: We can forget all these impact, will software WIFE1.0 be compatible with DBA and SQA. Will WIFE1.0 give permission to DBA and SQA to access laptop any more? We may have to install a lot of patches when ever there is an authority conflict.

DBA was quick to take a note of it, I have lot of patches with me, and you just need to forget about it.Laptop is shocked, system becomes slow…
CIO : Son Laptop, its high time you installed software WIFE1.0, I know you have been accessing the world wide web and trying to install Girlfriend1.0, and I am not sure, if its already installed or not. Son remember some time GIRLFRIEND 1.0 are quite unstable software, and I know they will be replaced with version 2.0. 3.0 etc, but remember son, some can be virus also.
We can’t afford the loss of this customised laptop.
Do give a rethink about this installation, son. We need to invite proposals from various software vendors. Meanwhile you are a standalone system now, you now need to upgrade to a server and have few local area networks connected to your sever. You need to upgrade son.

Laptop was confused; he started connecting to fellow laptops all around the world. Some of his beloved laptops were upgraded to a server already, Laptop contacted everyone...
Connections were established..... what did the fellow laptops say....?
unconventional end.. read the comment tag to know more....

March 30, 2008

Monsoon Romance

It was the day when the amber decided to talk to earth, no one could make him think the other way, nor could Johnny even after years of pleading.
I just wanted an excuse, and I had it this time, no looking back, no more thinking, I rushed after wearing my driving gear, I was off for my favourite hobby, Driving In Rain.

I was communicating with the drops, my message started becoming part of those sent form amber. Think he was not complaining.. Driving slowly across the road my eyes suddenly lost concentration...

My eyes fell on her, running for a shelter

She was weeping, and yelling once in a while

All turned deaf ears to her, she was not complaining though.

Separated from her dear ones, she was not at all comfortable in this new territory

Before I could notice more, I had zipped passed her, leaving the slide view of those images in my mind.

I became restless, there was now a bond which was created, She touched my heart, no she stole my heart and I have left it behind. I have become Heartless.. I wanted it back, but it was with her.

How can I ask her?

Who is she?

How will she behave, when I talk to her?

Not caring about these questions, I decided to rush to her.She was not there, my eyes kept searching, there she was, taking refuge in the bus shelter.She was alone, she was beautiful, but still, every one ignored her.I parked my bike, and walked to the bus shelter, questions kept pouring in my mind.

What the people around will think, would I be branded as an "Eve Teaser", with all courage I went forward.

Now I was near her, by-standers started noticing me.

Removing my helmet, my eyes met her eyes, the brown eyes were confused, water kept dripping from her head. On seeing me she took a step back, scared, she was confused.

Not knowing her name, I called her to me, using action, but she still was confused.

I was being watched, by all.Now I had no other option, but to win her confidence.

I touched her wet head, she was shocked. I held her hand, it was soft as a sponge, nails were long, before I could feel more, I felt the hand slipping from my grasp in despire.

She was completely confused, she resisted, but just for a minute, once she felt comfortable her eyes spelt confidence.She smiled, and knew I was there for her rescue.

Sharing my jacket with her, we marched towards to my bike.

I was not sure, what I was doing; but believed I was correct.

Let the world blame me, my conscience would never.

I did what I felt, and I am correct.

Overcoming the brief resistance, I was able to win confidence from Mom and Dad.

Now it's 4 year past this incident, she lives with me, she is ma love, she is my best friend.

She is Nuerie, The Labrador Retriever , My Love

Made 4 eachother

"Couple" : Made for each other
The word which makes 2 sapiens 1
The word which brings 2 world into 1
The word which make 2 sapiens work for 1 goal

Hats Off to all couples out there...

March 23, 2008

Far yet to close

She was close, but I did not realise
She loved me, but I ignored it
She waited for me, but I was too busy
She is Faraway, but I now realised how close she was to me.

I missed her, the relation drifted away at glacial pace,but one fine morning, all was over
The glacier had sunk, leaving me searching

I was not ignoring you, instead I was setting up my career for you
I never admired your attire, but it never meant I was not liking them
I teased you, but I never meant to hurt you
I commented on your negative, but I always saw more positive in you.
I shouted at you, but it was filled more with love rather than anger

We never said we liked each other, but it was all in the air, it was there in our minds, but not in our lips... but it was too late...

You now remain in my dreams
You still rule my heart
You are not in my rear view mirror, but in my windshield
Your absence is the presence which I feel day in day out...
You are far away from me, beyond my reach, but I wish... I wish

March 10, 2008

Please give back my ..............

It was half day... had reached home early, took a good cool shower and gulped down the food mom had kept ready.Slowly each and every grain found its way to its destination conquering the available space. It was time to take nap, switched on the player and went to bed, to rest those aching bones.
Suddenly when the nap broke it was 5:00.... with sleepy eyes, unsteady steps, disturbed hairs I marched like a drunken man towards the face wash.Made my self presentable and sat near the window.., with Kitty on lap, ma eyes are waiting in anticipation, ears are wandering to hear that particular sound.Hands busy patting kitty, but mind was somewhere else.. like the cold breeze blowing my sense were all over the places..
Suddenly all sense join hand and re-enter my body.. assertiveness is the mantra of the second.

Smile slowly broke off my lips.. eyes were targeting those white polythene bag... the silence was broken by the vibrating sound of the motor.Like an hero entering the scene, Dad made his entry.. Mom opened the gates... She walked towards the door, in hand were the polythene bag, I rushed to the door racing against those electric pulses before it reached those sound producing machines call Calling bell.
I stood on the door, with a smile, with a hug and kiss mom greeted her son, who looked neat today.After exploring those polythene bags and savouring those yummy's she brings often on returning from office... my concentration shifted to Dad. Who started with normal Q&A session.
The day was special, it was month end, and I have been waiting... my purse is gonna be heavier.The pocket money time.
Like a bride standing in front of her new Groom, I stood in front of dad... leaning across the door, coming back and front, breaking the silence with the creep.... the sound waves start their journey ..

Me : Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
Dad: Deaf ears to me....
Me : Again.. Papaaaaaaaaaaaa... Achaaa...........Dadddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyy
Dad: With a smile.. yes Son...
Me: Pocket money...

Dad with a smile, takes a note from his pocket, this note was kept separately, just for me, with a kiss on forehead he hands me that currency note. Saying thank u i ran to my room, opened my purse.. It was filled with those currency notes, 10 rupees notes, fresh and crisp. This time the count of notes were five in the purse.Half century. Five months earning. I was happy.. I could get the Milkybar truck. .I was not found of Milkybar, I was found of that truck, there were 5 bars, 2 goes to Sis,once each for Dad, Mom and Me.

The happiness those currency notes provided by Dad were beyond explanation, the joy I had collecting those were beyond hobbies.Even though many times the currency do accumulate in my account they are just dead currencies, nothing more, they do not have the love of my dad, who made sure he kept a currency note for me aside from his salary

I wish those days could return,
I wish I could still peep out of window to see dad and mom coming in Scooter,
I wish I could cherish the savouries Mom brought for me again
I wish I could ask Dad for pocket money
I wish I could share the chocolates again with all....
I wish......
I wish let the eye drops on my hand do evaporate soon....

March 07, 2008

Women's Day

You talk about your feeling
Sometimes I keep mine to myself
But that doesn't mean your foolish
And you know
I don't want anybody else
And you can say I love you
Like hello and goodbye.
Well I don't say it very often
But you know
I'll love you till the day I die
That's just the difference
Between a woman and a man
Thank god for that difference
When we both understand
A woman and a man
To all those ladies out there, Fresh Lime Soda Salutes you... U r so special, beyond words...

Pot Luck 2 Pot Belly

Water Water everywhere not a drop to Drink
Food food everywhere, lack of space to occupy it.
Yes this was my state after the Pot luck which happened in my office.
Few highly active brain cells decided to showcase their cooking talents, to get extra admiration from those handsome hunks and the pot luck was born.The victims were we boys gang... who had no idea about cooking nor did they have some one to cook for them.Uncle gangs (We call the married guys Uncle Gang :)) some how managed to convenience their other half to cook and bring in the share.
For a part time cook, it was again not an easy job to cook, that to cook for 30 odd people.. ho my gosh.. If I cook, some souls will be biting their time going 2 loo.....;)

So we Bachelor boys decided to take service of some hotel to bring in those dishes.
Hey now the story is not this.. the story begins now.
With anticipation of great food, I skipped my breakfast.. it was 12:30 tom was active chasing Jerry in my stomach. I made a move to the pantry... Hoo what a scene, what an aroma.. I was blown away.
After few talks from our heads the mission began...
Ms N was in front of me in queue, we slowly took one dish at a time, I took few Paratas (India Bread) and some Veg dishes. Ms N hey did u try my Dal.. I said no.. She became so proactive and served me her Dal.... With prayers in my mind I started off..

The Dal was really good and blended well with my Paratha.Admiration started flowing to Ms N and few others whose Dish I had tasted. Suddenly I heard Ms L telling me.. Rechii did to take my Noodles. I said Nop buddy, I just started with Breads. Okie Do not forget to serve the same for u. Like an obedient student I went in to take those noodles. On the way Ms S said hey did U taste my Rajma Masala, Ms A asked did u taste my chicken curry, Mr S asked boy did u taste my Vada the list went on... When I was in front of the dishes.. I started picking up the dishes from the list, It was as if I was doing my Mom's grocery shopping, looking into the list and picking up the items. After getting all items in the list irrespective of the combination, I gulped them, and passing genuine comments to all.
I was almost full.Some space left for the Desserts, their came the Managers, they asked buddy U tasted my Biriyani, Mate did u taste my this that.. etc etc... Being the top guys I never wanted to break their Hearts and Screw up my appraisal, I went in and gulped them. With Lavish praise for their wife's. They indeed deserved it.
Now came the dessert, How can I can Skip it, and with beautiful team mates asking me to try their dishes. There was no space left in my tummy, I had to throw away the Tom's and Jerry's to accommodate some more dish.

Now was the comment passing time, I went on to each and every person to say my comment. I really loved the day, but I was unable to move, I was unable to work. Some Unknown forces were closing my eyes while on work. With hard efforts I tried to survive the day in office, not before where in Gym I had to do the extra work out. I was made to run a lot, and do lots of aerobics. I was famished.. but I enjoyed.... Food from all over world was in my stomach, throwing away my fitness manuals to air I enjoyed the pot luck and the pot luck succeed in bringing in a Pot belly for me on that day.Which was short lived...

March 02, 2008

Tempest Conquered

They took away my belief, but they could not take away my power.
They portrait me as a looser, but they never discovered the Phoenix in me
Now fate and sorcery will conspire to maroon them in my domain.
My rules.
My revenge
I am Back.....
All giving me thumbs down, with all relishing the pomp and splendour of life, with all enjoying the way they could... i was still not sad... I had learned to survive.. survive the tempest, survive the turbulence of mind, survive to stay, learn to understand...and above all Learn to Wait

Yes I am happy in my own world where I had conquered the Tempest... and here I am the hero
A hero in the movie where all are just mute spectators, because I have arrived to build the dynasty of mine
It's my belief that every flower enjoys the air it's breath

February 22, 2008


When the creative cells are at their best, the end product is a imagination, which just opens every ones the mouth of onlooker;but what happens when the imaginative cells are constipation ridden, the end product could be something which one cannot imagine.As usual I was ambling across the mails and work documents in office, when my eyes fell on the clock, i do not know what happened, some involuntary action as usual triggered by the pulse from brain took me to the most happening place in my company, yea the pantry.It was 11'O clock coffee time....
I just pushed in to pantry, after announcing my arrival to all my friends.Like the thirsty camel which had seen the oasis, i rushed to pantry. I took up those glowing black coffee mugs and was getting ready for making coffee, when I saw my team mate Ms. S standing in pantry.
Me : Heyyyy... howdy...
Ms S: I am fine yaar, Tho bholiyae, whats happening at your end...
Me : fine ya, so u were on leave, could not see those shadows of your around
Ms S: Yea, I was away.
Suddenly ma eyes fell on something which she was holding in her hand, it was her coffee mug.A black in shade coffee mug, but it was not that which caught ma eyes, it was the Sticky patch work over the cup which i noticed.
Me: Looks like your mug is in bad shape, as u were away.
Ms S: looked confused, she might have thought those xray eyes of mine might have traced some microscopic friends of mine in her Mug, she moved to the wash counter and cleaned her cup.
During that gap I made coffee for me, and waited for Ms S to finish making her. But to my surprise when she came back, those sticky patches where still in her cup, and she was happily having the coffee.
Being friendly with her I commented hey come on yaar, wash your cup properly, those old milky patches are still on your cup.
Ms S: how Rude!!! its not the Milk stain... Its a Design....
Thud.... a sound I was down... Wow what a creative idea. I started dreaming about those Italian designers, who design those cloths which no one can wear on road but only on Ramp.
There was a heated debate over the cup for rest 30mins, among all our friends, like the honeybees out of the comb once disturbed, all were queueing to view that master piece,
One of our manager had a wrinkled eye brow on seeing that cup,She only said, ask the office boy to clean the cup properly.
The height of the innocence was when one of our team mate decided to help Ms S by scratching over the design thinking it was milk stains.
But it was something unique, a breakout deviation from the normal, yes the imaginative ideas by a constipation driven brain cells.... CLAYTOPIA

February 06, 2008

Crazy & Me, No way.....

Same green screen, same appliccation, same users, same business, same manager, same laptop... mm not same though it was upgraded of late.. something to cheer about.
Hoo life was same, and work was bit boring for some period, i decided enough is enough, need to amble out possibities to entertain me while work.

I was thinking in sleep, walk, talk, yea I was thinking while i was potting 2.. :)

Eureka I got it, I decided to get my self an MP3 player. Rushed in and got one for me, all the time my ear was busy, all songs were playing Hindi, english Malayalam and some tamil songs.
But again the same probs started, I was back, the same mania, just to add to the list same songs... :-(
Then I decided to explore the FM radio option on the player.. Oo gosh most of the big players are playing Kannada song, It was searching, and game across FM94.3, Radio One....
It most times played hindi songs..... :) but the catch was the waky jokes in between songs.. like Chamrajpet Charles and Ghanta Sign.
Gosh I used to laugh like anything, atleast some high voltage smile.
I was seated besides the big guns of my team, Team leads, Team Manager, Technology head... No I am not a future lead, but I was too notorious in work they decided to have an eye on me for most of their time. Looks like its in there appraisal points, Keep Rechit in seat for atleast 10 min in his seat.
So now as I was forced to be in my seat for most of time, with my twin, yea the MP3 player, which ma manager say allways.
I used to smile on hearing those waky comedies.
My managers noticed it, this boy is similing looking at those codes.. whats so funny. May be he was looking at some mails. They ignored
next day again the smile blossoms... confusion in air again... may be he is happy as some girl might have proposed him ( ho gosh when is that day comming)
Next day again... This is serious now guys, he is smiling, while coding... is his nervous systems fine, or some loose contact.
I could think my managers looking puzzled. :) not me though....
Once my manager gathered all his might and said, u look very happy while working, ur enjoying it a lot, I wanna my team to be happy like this... Gosh I was now puzzled, Am i Really loving it...
To impress him and to ensure some heavy bonus comes to ma account, with huge pays I decided to agree with him.... yea yea.. Exactly.. I am lovin it.... by the by how u felt so, are the matrix reflecting the same.
Manager nop dude, can see u enjoying while working, smiling in between...
I nearly fell out of ma chair... crashes every where, I said, u felt like that, did u not notice some thing in ma ears, I was listening to some comedy show in Radio and hence the smile.... but KK I am definetly enjoying ma work. Hope the bonus does not get reduced.... will it?????
Check out this site , select city as Bangalore and then hear Chamrajpet Charles in interact section.. enjoy

January 28, 2008

Ho... What a Night

It was 5'O clock, in evening my mobile reminder flashed few words... it was time to rush....Packed my laptop, took on my blazer and I ran to car porch... drove away my fiery red SUV at some high speeds... I could see the spider webs on the speedo disturbed...

Sorry Spidey, have to rush.....

Confused, sorry guys I forgot I had party, with whom....mmm guess....

I rushed into the lift, unlocked the door, took a refreshing shower, and dressed up in the best way possible.....

hoo was I looking like a Greek god.... eah eah... kich kich sounds coming from somewhere...

Okie at least I felt so......

it was now 6:30. I started to my destination.... hoo what a coincidence.. the RJ was playing quite a few romantic numbers.... I felt like god dude... Bangalore traffic, nah.. i did not complain....

the song which was playing was

"Phaela Nash Phalae ghumar.... Naya pyaar hai... naya inthizhar....."

I reached the destination.... it was a decorated farm house.... the lights were beautiful,the song came to my mind was

"twinkle twinkle little bulbs how i wonder what u r......"

Okie.... everything apart back to topic....

After parking my car, my eyes were on search, they were just rolling rolling around... to meet the target... there is she...

yea She was waiting for me, but i was not that late though.....

She was happy to see me, we passed a smile and held hands and moved into the hall.... hoo what a decorations, it was just superb, the pomp and splendour in which the party was arranged was really great.

the dance floor was superb..... all were dancing so were we. Salsa was at its best, we soon took the center stage with our salsa steps... all were clapping and were astonished on our fete.... the flexibility and swiftness was commendable....

we were in for a great applause once we finished.

It was time to say goodbye, we were on our way back, it was quite misty.... fog was at its best.... we drove slowly, with romantic music in back ground......

It was her destination, she had to get down, reluctantly we decided to split for the day, but some thing was holding us.... the count of goodnights' we said would be more than two hands could count....

before we split we decided to share a piece of love..... we approached each other, the distance reduced exponentially...... and we neared some thing made disturbed my concentration... i ignored it, but the disturbance grew louder... the situation was like two like poles of a magnet which wanted to meet, but some force prevented it...

the sound grew larger, it was my mobile ringing.... what no reject and accept display on screen, instead Snooze and Stop display.. before I could think more.. my eyes were wide open, i saw what i never wanted to see.........

yea.. it was the Alarm on my mobile.... I was awake.. by sleep was broken.... my dream was shattered......

it was as if once came out of a James bond movie without watching the climax......

Ho God you directed a great dream, a Blockbuster... but why did you not direct the climax... did the producer pulled out in last moment.....

To be continued... but do not know when..........

Too close yet too far..... hey Did i ask the name of the Girl who was with me..... Did I???????

January 27, 2008


No action goes unnoticed, even the mighty sun has to leave his reflection behind.

January 20, 2008

Salsa Monkey - Redefining the meanings

I bowled a bouncer it was hit for 6, he bowled a bouncer I was taken all the way to hospital....
Whattttttttttt... Salsa and cricket.. is it a the wrong post under the ....

Hey not at all.... To get to the preview, it was long i put on my dancing shoe.Always dreamt of having a show of my own in stage ... to it was decided i shud try a hand this year....

So I ringed in Mr A ( ma partner in all crimes in company)

Me : Munna urgent come to phone booth .. Jaldi
A : Kya huva munna, okie here i come

I took my laptop and moved with Mr A to phone booth. Ma manger gave a look up, his look showed he was impressed... Inter team interaction. this boy is rocking ( hopefully he was thinking in that way) I was so notorious in ma company I am made to sit just in front of my manager, Head of Technology and Business. :)

Mr A was totally confused about the meeting... we was wondering whats the new stuff we gonna cook up...

I meeting started. dude we need to learn Salsa or Cha cha... Anyways we are performing the cinematic stuffs, how about those professional....

Mr A.. mm sahi hai.. i 2 was thinking.... U have any plan

Me: Yea, therez a center near ma flat, how about that....

Yea we can ask Ms N suggestion, We rang Ms N and made her join for expert advice. She advised thatz a great place. All the best

Clock struck 5, I said good bye to all and me and Mr A ran to the Salsa center

We entered the center
A smiling lady in front welcomed us. For some second I forgot i had come for admission... Teenage blues huh...

Now to point, We introduced to that lady say Ms K

Me : we came to register our names for the salsa classed

Ms K : ho welcome sir, plz be seated, U came at right time, our next batch is gonna start 2mrw.

Me : ho yea.. then enroll us for it, its Beginners right, it would be fine.

Ms K: okie sure sir, It would cost Rs XXXXX

Me : Yea, please go ahead.

She took down my name, then came the questions

Sir your partners name;

Me : Mr A

Ms K : Pardon me Sir

Me : Mr A

Ms K : Sir it should be a gal partner.

Me : Hooo I just forgot ( how i forgot the partner issue) I needed to get one...
I looked at Mr A in confusion

Ms K : Misunderstood ma Look she said, Sir U need to have a gal as partner..

Hoo gosh, my integrity was at stakes now.....

Me : Totally confused made the biggest mess when I asked her, don't u have any one with you....

Ms K : what??

Me : realising what i just said , I reiterated, can you please suggest similar girls like us who does not have partner.

Ms K : sorry sir not anyone at the moment

Me : My eyes fell on the display board, I said, hey why don't you put up a notice in one of those boards....

Boy.. I cud see steam coming out form Ms K's face.....

Now after making some calls to Ms N in office for the search, which all went in vain.

I was totally sad on seeing my dreams crashing like an avalanche of snow, was this the global warming all talking about, Now I started realising the sex ratio I had read in class 9th text.Now i understood its significance...

When I was about to leave I said good by to Ms K, and a casual talk, I asked r u the instructor... She said smiling Ho no.. I am just a staff.... I do not know Salsa

Boy my partner is here, my mind said, but i never expected this pulse from the brains to be converted into those audible sine waves which will strike the ear drums of Ms K, but it came out, may be due to the avalanche of excitement.

before any harm could have happened, Mr A and I left the scene.....

Hooo gosh learning Salsa is not that difficult, but getting a partner is......
Now I for the first time felt the dis advantage of being Single.... ;-) no regrets though....

Now I am busy doing my Aerobic classes, and know who is accompanying me there......

January 19, 2008

Comparing those mirror images

The sun was over the horizon, I was still on bed, when some alien sine waves created the vibrations on the drum, hence converting the sine wave to what we call the sound, yes I was woken up by the puff and huff of my mom, wish mom had a snooze button, which could ring after 10 mins again, but it was not to be. I was woken up, this time my mom wanted to see me as a Driver. Yea.. these wishes from parents; I have been hearing from my childhood....
Okie no more beating around the bush..... My sis was paying visit to my nephews school, and they wanted me to accompany my sis.

We reached school after the 15 min drive, I decided to be in car itself, rather than hearing those blah.. blah from teacher, which i used to experience in my school days..... now its not different, my manager has taken over the role...

As I was waiting for my sis in car, I saw school kids rushing to school, this scene did drive me to my old days....

I used to reach the destination at 8:30, then after dumping my back at my desk I used to push to play ground, the warm up before the classes.... after the game, assembly starts, were the prayer goes on. Then the classes start, usual talks by teachers, usual punishments, usual standing on bench... it was all fun. The fun did not end there, on reaching home the debrief of my school activities was narrated by my sis to mom, she should have joined some sports commentary team.

The usual complaints was mom you should see him.. in assembly his shirt was out, improperly inserted, in afternoon he was running in the hot sun. I saw him standing outside his class.... ho gosh it was fun......

I enjoyed the parents teachers meeting, my mom had a tough time hearing my complaints.. teacher used to say.. ho my gosh, this boy is unmanageable. How u manage him at home, his mouth never shuts, always blah blah blah, even during class hours. Thankfully i was ok in studies, so less complain on that front except from Sanskrit teacher who says this boy is allergic to his language, ask him to study this once in a while.

Those were cool days i really miss those day... hey wait do I... nah.....
Confused.. its simple dude.. My work is almost like a school......

But not parents are in to meet my manager its me alone doing those stuffs.....

The 1On1 which I have with my manager once in a month , reminds me those meeting.
But now talking is not a crime, I am appreciated for talking a lot.... ha ha what a change of time.. while I was small I was complained for talking, now I am appreciated... Mom are you reading this.....
Now I think child, teacher will complain if your kid is not talking, IT boom guys.. what a change....

I am Thinking
But life is moving
Needs are not the same
but I am still the same
From child hood to adulthood
I am still the Robinhood
Even though the needs are not same
I am still the same.

Physique is not the same
Needs are not the same
but the inner me is the same
Yes, the freshness of lime is the same.

kicked the blues.....

hey ho yo.. I am Back......I was not dead, nor terminally ill, nor was I kidnapped by aliens, but took a break from the online civilisation to rejuvenate the constipation ridden creative imaginary cells.:) The break was due to the lack of some creative topic or happenings.

The new year did not sprout any new saplings worth tapping the keyboard.But a break to visit Dad and mom rejuvenated the drought ridden misty dew. The rain with imagination filled drops lit my brain and I am back....

The online civilisation is here to stay...... I am back.... dew drops are back so is the freshness of the line soda.......

January 01, 2008

Screaming @ Speed Breaker…..

As I zoom past an eventful 2k7 and was about to enter 2k8 with out taking the pitstop…. I all of a sudden screamed at the speed breaker…… I had to take the pitstop and ponder into few events which made me think and think and think and still thinking…..

Last week of the year as usual office was buzzing, and the superb weather of Bangalore added to the splendour, every one was deciding on the party for new year, shopping for new year.. All were ready to unleash the wallet on anything that caught their eyes.

Some were unhappy with the party destination, some were unhappy with the suit and the list just grew bigger……

For me I decided to take off from everything… and get the much deserved rest. It was about 11:00 pm when the little devil rang…. Tring… Tring…tring it was ma frnd Rahul….

Me: yeaaaa… Rahul

Rahul : dude…. Ma car just ran out of gas….. come and pick me up…..

Me: Okie dude in 10 mins

I put on my jacket and rushed to the spot to pick up rahul…..

Picked up Rahul and rushed to the oil station to get some gas for his car.

Boy he was complaining about the chill in the weather. He said this jacket is useless, it never keeps me hot, and then he turned to me asking why I did not bring in the car, since riding in bike was too cold.

A smile from me thru the rear view mirror answered his question. Now he started complaining about the club which was supposed to host the party.

Dude the club sucks…. Nothing much to boast about only fancy lights and some drink, as usual dude, why can’t they do some thing special. I had spend few thousands naa….

I had no answer for this question. A simple mmm was my answer.

I had to stop at the junction because of the traffic jam.. Yea traffic jam at 11:00pm it happens only in Bangalore….. New Year eve dude

As I stopped my eyes fell on an old lady setting up her bed on the footpath…. She was not complaining about the chill in the weather, even she only had a tore blanket, and not the expensive jacket which I am ma friend wore. But we were complaining.
From this stop we rushed our way to the fuel station, as my friend was getting the oil into the can, I was waiting outside. I saw a small hut made of tarpaulin, he was mending it, with his family inside, safe… mm I guess itz safe. Looks like he was also complaining, not like us about the party, but looks like for some money for making his dream house. So was my complaint we made was a valid one????

My mind was like an ocean, it was quite unstable, I just took Rahul and dropped at his club. I gave some excuse and I ran away. On the way saw a small street vendor selling jackets, got one and gifted one to the old lady on the streets…. The surprise in her face the smile in her lips was really some thing beyond explanation. Yea I did it… for the first time in life I felt like I have done some justice to my existence on this planet.

I felt I had the best New Year celebration…. This really gave me the feeling and I thanked god for all the comfort he had given me, and offcourse I think I will think twice before I Complain about any thing.

Yea I made a screaming break before I entered 2k8. A well deserved pit stop break.