November 29, 2007

The Perfect Eye Whitewash

Nails are out of shape, hair are no more kept properly.Managers are hardly to be seen.Tensions are pouring from everyone face, like the hot boiling milks spills out from the kettle.

Serious discussions all around in small new groups, like those mushrooms which crop up during the monsoon. The turmoil is clearly visible.

Few days later few, in fact very few smiling faces, more of sad faces, hardly any one in their desks, the productive chart shows a sharp dip....

whats it all about.. the appraisal results are out. Managers are hiding.

This was time turmoil time in my company which comes every year and ends after one month, like the low pressure depression that comes in Bay of Bengal. ( Yea I should try my hands in Geography what U say).

It required a white wash to silent the rousing waves, at least an eye whitewash.

This time to it was no different, managers found there way out, but this time it was very very funny.... I almost broke the silence in the team meeting with my sudden burst of laughter, more like an erupting volcano.

So what was so funny you guys might be thinking.. it was nothing but our team was missing its members, all where promoted as lead.....

I was wondering whom they are gonna lead...

My team size was 8 and out of which there are 4 leads. So was the spate of other teams, If you are a one man army, then you are the lead for yourself.

I was wondering what was happening, Managers had to say, we are working on every ones aspirations, there is no level hike or your designation change, but you guys are leads in your areas.

Some simile'ng faces started erupting, even some went to an extent of stop doing there development task, and started enjoying their new role, until a doubt clearing session was called again.

It was a superb eye whitewash, which reminded me of the words

Water water every where, No water to drink.

I will modify it into

Leads leads every where, not a developer to work.

Hope everything returns to normal.

November 25, 2007

True Friends

The picture says it all, Friends for ever....

Some one to share with, some to smile with, some to lean on

November 23, 2007

Nervousness of loosing the Star

Yet another day at the office, looking at the crap codes, green screens, design documents which looks like an encyclopedia now to me.Some times writing the same, I felt like Valmiki writing Ramayana.
By Deskbar showed 12:30, Tom started chasing Jerry in my belly.... it was lunch time. I rushed for the search of Internet explorer.... hold on guys do not think more, I am not having explorer for lunch, instead i was searching our intranet for lunch menu card.
Ooh gosh... its the same old menu.. I want a change....

Made a sudden turn around to my team and asked for a lunch outside...A smiling node came from all,mm all were fed up with the same lunch.We decided to pushed to the food court.We decided for KFC. We searched for the menu card and decided on our orders. I stood on the queue for my turn.A girl turned up to take my order. I gave our orders.She accepted with a smile.

I wondered Air hostess came to land, she was pleasant in her approach.
The trainee badge was bringing the smiles from her.Probation period huh...She reiterated the order for me. I thought extra precaution from her side before she billed.
My retina suddenly found something shivering.It was the hands of the lady at the counter.Think I was her first order. Sun shown bright outside, temperature outside was rising, so was my hunger. The Girls mind was in between the daemon and sea. She was new the billing machine, and wondered will I loose my temper. Her eyes were running around desperately in search of help. People behind me in queue Ambled to other counters. She have pressed her Panic Button, but in vain,all attenders were busy helping their customers. Poor creature, was quit terrified. She passed a smile to me and said "Sir, Give me a Second".
Think for that time my adrenaline had gone for some other business, Smile came up on my face and a word no probs.

She sounded bit relaxed. Could hear he calling for help, Then she managed to pull in a guy, who cleared her her doubts, the paper with writing came out from the printer so was the sign of relief,coming from her face.

I payed my dues. She rushed in to get my servings. I could see she selecting big pieces of Chicken for me.

The dish found its way to my hand, she was bringing it with a smile, the smile of the princess who found her price, The smile of girl who cleared her exams. The Smile of a mom who was seeing her son after long.Those were the kind of imagination which ran thru my mind when the Girl Dressed in red came near me.
She was looking like a queen who had won her Battle....
In Japanese style she bowed down to give my dish, and said thank you.
Its when I came to know the power of smile, being calm which can bring a change in once life, at least to save the stars for which she was working.
All the best dude for your future endeavours.

November 22, 2007

Innocent Love

The Innocent inseparable love. Courtesy :

The Ultimate Judges

Beauty lies in the eye's of the viewer courtesy:

November 21, 2007

Controlling the Uncontrolled

Even the uncontrolled is being controlled

November 20, 2007

Taj Malabar Omelet....

5 star hotel foods are always a delight, they not only look great, but also makes your wallet quite light.After finishing the bath @ swimming pool, I rushed to the restaurant to get my breakfast, I took 2 Idili's( a South Indian dish made of rice) and rushed to my seat to savour it. Then I saw the chef making his appearance near the stove in dining room, saw a long queue of people around him, getting there dishes made by him. On my way to get my glass of juice, I 2 thought of getting something made by chef, went to the counter, he was making omelet's. I order an Indian Omelet.

I thought it will be the same one which we prepare at home, but I was in for a surprise.

The steps were as follows.

1. Egg, onion, green chilly and pepper with salt to taste is mixed well
2. The mixture finds its way to the hot frying pan
3. Now comes a spatula from chefs pocket, he scrabbled the omelet. I was shocked.
4. The scrabbled bunch of eggs are now cornered to one side of the pan.
5. The shape is like a half moon, (Semi circle)
6. Its now cooked, only the outside gets cooked, inner part is half cooked(some thing like bulls eye), with pepper in it it did taste good .

I enjoyed it and now before I can digest it well, it was time for my meeting.....

Guys next in My dishes is Chola which I am all set to prepare, this weekend, watch out for it, and keep finger crossed..

Spicy Tomato Tango

This is the Chrysalis of a chef.... The new era in cooking... these were the words said to me by none other than myself.... (Alltha verae aru parayum)(Who else will say, sorry I am addicted to type in Malayalam once in a while).....

Living all alone in Bangalore is not a great idea for your tummy... So I thought it was high time i started cooking....... Inputs poured from mom and sister, How to make dishes etc etc... Mom was not that confident in me. She suggested son try ready to cook stuffs, will be easy, I was in no mood to give it away.

My first dish was the Dal do go through the post posted.

Then came my new dish Tomato tango... It was cold in Bangalore, I decided to make omelet, but some thing new.

The first thing in the menu was my laptop. Laptop???? Yea to search for the menu for new innovative omelets. I found adding tomato to omelet was a good suggestion.

So I prepared my version of omelet. Started with similar ingredients like, egg, onion, black pepper, salt, chillies. I added fine chopped tomatoes to it also.

Made a perfect mix. Poured into the Fan, Gosh it looked great( I will upload the photo's soon)
but disaster struck, when i started to turn upside down the omelet 2 cook the other side of it, the symmetry was broken..... gone omelet is no more, he is dead....

Then some thing clicked.... Scrambled egg.....

Scrambled the complete kit, It was has if, Atom bomb was dropped on to Hiroshima...

I poured bit of tomato sauce during the finishing stages.

So now the hot and sweet tomato tango was ready, Sandwich it between breads, it tasted good.

I tried the dish on my friends to, no casualties till date...

Hence the Chrysalis of a new Chef... beware mom and sis, I am coming......

November 08, 2007

Diwali The Festival of Lights...

Diwali, the festival of lights.. its celebrated all over India with lots on Pomp and Splendour....
Crackers, Sparklers, rockets the list of firework is uncountable.... Since last 23 years I have been seeing this festival, the joy it brings in the faces of people is simply superb....

Celebration at my end is quite minimal.... My parents always wanted to restrict the amount of crackers we burst.Mostly the celebrations were limited to sparklers, and small light emitting fireworks.
Initially when I was small I used to wonder my parents never encourage bursting crackers, and only limited fireworks, some Diwali it was nothing.

Mom and sister would light the entire house and surrounding with Diya (small lamps lit in earthen pots).Sweets were brought into house. Mom was allergic to the sounds of crackers so she would shut down all windows to prevent the sound from entering.

Now I do agree with my parents, I am no more a great fan for bursting crackers, mainly for my doggies, Tabu in particular, poor creature, she is quite afraid of the sound these crackers create, and that bought about the change in me, and above all the rising price of crackers, Some times think why waste money on some small time pleasures..(miser huh)

In office Diwali went Hi fi... Crackers were ordered via Internet, Mails flew all around circulating the link and mail address. Packages were wonderful, All were lavish in ordering the crackers.. Minimum package was 400 bucks, saw all people around me ordering Crackers. To my knowledge out of my team of 40 people, there were 32 orders, minimum order amount being 600... lot of money huh...

I rushed home for Diwali, this time there was no celebrations for me, with Mom undergoing by-pass heart surgery I was not at all in mood for celebrating.

Would see lots of rockets flying the sky trowing away lots of color all around.

The saddest think I saw was goats tied all around to be slaughtered.It was a sad sight, for the reason of celebration we human are taking life of these cute creatures.

Diwali is of course a celebration for us put pain for animals.Being high up it in the food chain and Hierarchy, I doubt anyone bothers to take a time and think about these voiceless.

Writing blog wont help them I know, but I did my bit, to help these voice less, I stopped bursting crackers, for
them, let the world think and celebrate the festival of lights with minimal noice and lots of light...

Guys I think Diwali is festival of Lights not Festival of Sound.....

Happy Diwali to all