December 15, 2007

and then I remembered .... I had a blog

It was almost a month gap after which I thought of posting. I was sure I would not stop writing ma blogs, at least I can share something with people.
Last few weeks I was blogged with my work, Did I progress in that no... my mind was not with me, think it had gone for a vacation, leaving me behind. Of course not I am not in love....... I am very much in single status and looks like would continue until my parents do a search. I am toooo lazy for that search...

Some thing what i thought today to blog down was value for money. I rose from a middle class family, I had seen my parents saving each and every penny, this was the case all around India few years ago, people used to bargain, try to get the best out of every deal and what the take they select it to their satisfaction.
But now all has changed......

Let me start with the nostalgic memories I have seen when ever I went in for shopping with parents. When ever I enter the shop I can see, aunties selecting foodies from the whole pile and bargaining with the shopkeeper.Hey thatz apple is rotten, remove it.. the Shop keeper with a devilish look keeps back that rotten apple and replaces it with a good one, or the one which we give him. Gone are those days child.
Of late went to a shop to buy fruits, I was making up my mind to which fruit to buy.One aunt came to the shop and was asking the price of each and every fruit. I heard him saying Fiji apples cost 80 and Shimla one 40 per kg.Aunty was busy selecting the best of the lot apples, and the shop keeper was also helping her out, but to spoil her party, she was trying to mix the rotten ones,but clever clever aunt was too smart she replaced all the rotten ones with fresh one. Then suddenly my ear drum forced ma brain and hence my eyes to shift focus, a car with high music was on its way, the window pane came down and a girl asked the cost of the apple, Shop keeper said 100 for Fiji and 60 for Shimla.
mmm was it the price I heard first. The beauty from the car order a kg of Fiji apple, I could see, few rotten ones making into the case and into the car. Cash paid and car rushed.
Gosh... Whatz it all about, Do we IT professional value money as our parents did, do we ever bother are we getting the best deal for the penny we spend, I doubt No, why the question is going all around me.
With that incident I realised value of money... hopefully tomorrow will not be the same again.......

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