November 29, 2007

The Perfect Eye Whitewash

Nails are out of shape, hair are no more kept properly.Managers are hardly to be seen.Tensions are pouring from everyone face, like the hot boiling milks spills out from the kettle.

Serious discussions all around in small new groups, like those mushrooms which crop up during the monsoon. The turmoil is clearly visible.

Few days later few, in fact very few smiling faces, more of sad faces, hardly any one in their desks, the productive chart shows a sharp dip....

whats it all about.. the appraisal results are out. Managers are hiding.

This was time turmoil time in my company which comes every year and ends after one month, like the low pressure depression that comes in Bay of Bengal. ( Yea I should try my hands in Geography what U say).

It required a white wash to silent the rousing waves, at least an eye whitewash.

This time to it was no different, managers found there way out, but this time it was very very funny.... I almost broke the silence in the team meeting with my sudden burst of laughter, more like an erupting volcano.

So what was so funny you guys might be thinking.. it was nothing but our team was missing its members, all where promoted as lead.....

I was wondering whom they are gonna lead...

My team size was 8 and out of which there are 4 leads. So was the spate of other teams, If you are a one man army, then you are the lead for yourself.

I was wondering what was happening, Managers had to say, we are working on every ones aspirations, there is no level hike or your designation change, but you guys are leads in your areas.

Some simile'ng faces started erupting, even some went to an extent of stop doing there development task, and started enjoying their new role, until a doubt clearing session was called again.

It was a superb eye whitewash, which reminded me of the words

Water water every where, No water to drink.

I will modify it into

Leads leads every where, not a developer to work.

Hope everything returns to normal.

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