January 01, 2008

Screaming @ Speed Breaker…..

As I zoom past an eventful 2k7 and was about to enter 2k8 with out taking the pitstop…. I all of a sudden screamed at the speed breaker…… I had to take the pitstop and ponder into few events which made me think and think and think and still thinking…..

Last week of the year as usual office was buzzing, and the superb weather of Bangalore added to the splendour, every one was deciding on the party for new year, shopping for new year.. All were ready to unleash the wallet on anything that caught their eyes.

Some were unhappy with the party destination, some were unhappy with the suit and the list just grew bigger……

For me I decided to take off from everything… and get the much deserved rest. It was about 11:00 pm when the little devil rang…. Tring… Tring…tring it was ma frnd Rahul….

Me: yeaaaa… Rahul

Rahul : dude…. Ma car just ran out of gas….. come and pick me up…..

Me: Okie dude in 10 mins

I put on my jacket and rushed to the spot to pick up rahul…..

Picked up Rahul and rushed to the oil station to get some gas for his car.

Boy he was complaining about the chill in the weather. He said this jacket is useless, it never keeps me hot, and then he turned to me asking why I did not bring in the car, since riding in bike was too cold.

A smile from me thru the rear view mirror answered his question. Now he started complaining about the club which was supposed to host the party.

Dude the club sucks…. Nothing much to boast about only fancy lights and some drink, as usual dude, why can’t they do some thing special. I had spend few thousands naa….

I had no answer for this question. A simple mmm was my answer.

I had to stop at the junction because of the traffic jam.. Yea traffic jam at 11:00pm it happens only in Bangalore….. New Year eve dude

As I stopped my eyes fell on an old lady setting up her bed on the footpath…. She was not complaining about the chill in the weather, even she only had a tore blanket, and not the expensive jacket which I am ma friend wore. But we were complaining.
From this stop we rushed our way to the fuel station, as my friend was getting the oil into the can, I was waiting outside. I saw a small hut made of tarpaulin, he was mending it, with his family inside, safe… mm I guess itz safe. Looks like he was also complaining, not like us about the party, but looks like for some money for making his dream house. So was my complaint we made was a valid one????

My mind was like an ocean, it was quite unstable, I just took Rahul and dropped at his club. I gave some excuse and I ran away. On the way saw a small street vendor selling jackets, got one and gifted one to the old lady on the streets…. The surprise in her face the smile in her lips was really some thing beyond explanation. Yea I did it… for the first time in life I felt like I have done some justice to my existence on this planet.

I felt I had the best New Year celebration…. This really gave me the feeling and I thanked god for all the comfort he had given me, and offcourse I think I will think twice before I Complain about any thing.

Yea I made a screaming break before I entered 2k8. A well deserved pit stop break.


Flyaway Mind said...

heyyy..that was a wonderful thing to do on new year..kudos to youuuuuu!!!!!!!! :)
HNY & happy blogging :)

Fresh Lime Soda said...

Yea.. the feeling was really unexplainable...
Thanks for the wishes, and wish you the same