February 06, 2008

Crazy & Me, No way.....

Same green screen, same appliccation, same users, same business, same manager, same laptop... mm not same though it was upgraded of late.. something to cheer about.
Hoo life was same, and work was bit boring for some period, i decided enough is enough, need to amble out possibities to entertain me while work.

I was thinking in sleep, walk, talk, yea I was thinking while i was potting 2.. :)

Eureka I got it, I decided to get my self an MP3 player. Rushed in and got one for me, all the time my ear was busy, all songs were playing Hindi, english Malayalam and some tamil songs.
But again the same probs started, I was back, the same mania, just to add to the list same songs... :-(
Then I decided to explore the FM radio option on the player.. Oo gosh most of the big players are playing Kannada song, It was searching, and game across FM94.3, Radio One....
It most times played hindi songs..... :) but the catch was the waky jokes in between songs.. like Chamrajpet Charles and Ghanta Sign.
Gosh I used to laugh like anything, atleast some high voltage smile.
I was seated besides the big guns of my team, Team leads, Team Manager, Technology head... No I am not a future lead, but I was too notorious in work they decided to have an eye on me for most of their time. Looks like its in there appraisal points, Keep Rechit in seat for atleast 10 min in his seat.
So now as I was forced to be in my seat for most of time, with my twin, yea the MP3 player, which ma manager say allways.
I used to smile on hearing those waky comedies.
My managers noticed it, this boy is similing looking at those codes.. whats so funny. May be he was looking at some mails. They ignored
next day again the smile blossoms... confusion in air again... may be he is happy as some girl might have proposed him ( ho gosh when is that day comming)
Next day again... This is serious now guys, he is smiling, while coding... is his nervous systems fine, or some loose contact.
I could think my managers looking puzzled. :) not me though....
Once my manager gathered all his might and said, u look very happy while working, ur enjoying it a lot, I wanna my team to be happy like this... Gosh I was now puzzled, Am i Really loving it...
To impress him and to ensure some heavy bonus comes to ma account, with huge pays I decided to agree with him.... yea yea.. Exactly.. I am lovin it.... by the by how u felt so, are the matrix reflecting the same.
Manager nop dude, can see u enjoying while working, smiling in between...
I nearly fell out of ma chair... crashes every where, I said, u felt like that, did u not notice some thing in ma ears, I was listening to some comedy show in Radio and hence the smile.... but KK I am definetly enjoying ma work. Hope the bonus does not get reduced.... will it?????
Check out this site http://www.radioone.in/ , select city as Bangalore and then hear Chamrajpet Charles in interact section.. enjoy


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Preetha Nair said...

Nice post!
You succeeded in bringing a smile as I read :)

Fresh Lime Soda said...

Thanks Preetha, Continue reading, hope I can bring in more smiles

silverine said...

I love chamarajpet charles..reminds me of my old anglo Indian friends and Ghanta Singh too!! I think Radio One rocks!!

Fresh Lime Soda said...

Silverine: U r right.. actually I got addicted to radio one because of this guy, now Ghanta Singh 2 joins the quad..