February 22, 2008


When the creative cells are at their best, the end product is a imagination, which just opens every ones the mouth of onlooker;but what happens when the imaginative cells are constipation ridden, the end product could be something which one cannot imagine.As usual I was ambling across the mails and work documents in office, when my eyes fell on the clock, i do not know what happened, some involuntary action as usual triggered by the pulse from brain took me to the most happening place in my company, yea the pantry.It was 11'O clock coffee time....
I just pushed in to pantry, after announcing my arrival to all my friends.Like the thirsty camel which had seen the oasis, i rushed to pantry. I took up those glowing black coffee mugs and was getting ready for making coffee, when I saw my team mate Ms. S standing in pantry.
Me : Heyyyy... howdy...
Ms S: I am fine yaar, Tho bholiyae, whats happening at your end...
Me : fine ya, so u were on leave, could not see those shadows of your around
Ms S: Yea, I was away.
Suddenly ma eyes fell on something which she was holding in her hand, it was her coffee mug.A black in shade coffee mug, but it was not that which caught ma eyes, it was the Sticky patch work over the cup which i noticed.
Me: Looks like your mug is in bad shape, as u were away.
Ms S: looked confused, she might have thought those xray eyes of mine might have traced some microscopic friends of mine in her Mug, she moved to the wash counter and cleaned her cup.
During that gap I made coffee for me, and waited for Ms S to finish making her. But to my surprise when she came back, those sticky patches where still in her cup, and she was happily having the coffee.
Being friendly with her I commented hey come on yaar, wash your cup properly, those old milky patches are still on your cup.
Ms S: how Rude!!! its not the Milk stain... Its a Design....
Thud.... a sound I was down... Wow what a creative idea. I started dreaming about those Italian designers, who design those cloths which no one can wear on road but only on Ramp.
There was a heated debate over the cup for rest 30mins, among all our friends, like the honeybees out of the comb once disturbed, all were queueing to view that master piece,
One of our manager had a wrinkled eye brow on seeing that cup,She only said, ask the office boy to clean the cup properly.
The height of the innocence was when one of our team mate decided to help Ms S by scratching over the design thinking it was milk stains.
But it was something unique, a breakout deviation from the normal, yes the imaginative ideas by a constipation driven brain cells.... CLAYTOPIA

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