May 01, 2008


Moon came up in the sky, the chill eclipsed the warmth of the sun,
Wind distributed the chill..
The ripples of the water were shinning in the moon.
Once in a while few guest peeped out of the water to see us.
Getting a glance, was their mission I guess.
The wind continued to comfort us, hair flew over the face.Soft hands cleared them from my face.

Candles smiled like the sun, engulfed by the darkness
Aroma of the dishes kept poking our nose
Eyes to eye contact was disturbed by the sizzlers, with their aroma filled smoke.
With occasional talks, dishes found their way into our stomach,
leaving few residues besides my lips, just waiting for a helping hand to clear them off. The scenes moved fast, munching the popcorn's we enjoyed the each and every moment.
In between few comments were passed on,
just to evoke her anger buds and a reciprocal reaction in turn.


A blanket engulfed me at a glacial pace
Darkness surrounded me, which I never noticed until when
No one was there to comb back my hairs
No one was there to clear ma lips
No one was there to poke me
I was not alone, I am now with ma friend Solitude.
Tears go unnoticed, dreams go unsaid, emotion goes unsaid.
Waiting for someone to return, and return soon


Preetha Nair said...

friend,if something is yours it will come your way no matter hang in there :) :)

and read this

merin said...

hey friend u hav described the nature n a day's events so beautifully....if solitude is ur friend y the tears???

Merin said...

to be a friend of solitude is a difficult task...good work!

sandeep said...

new s/w upgrade and now a story on solitude :)

gud luck friend!

Fresh Lime Soda said...

Preetha: Great Comment, thanks

Merin: Thanks, it took some taking to be friend of Solitude...

Sandeep: More to come... ;)