April 26, 2008

Rear view

The road was open, the streets were silent...
all are in a hurry, to wait was something seen as an offense.
This is the mad mad world.. where all are busy, sweating it outfrom the day we join school, we are in the stable, one day to be the part of the jackpot, the flag mast which every one wants to reach.
Innumerable dreams, relations, emotions lie crushed under our hoofs,
even they plead but we don't bother, because to stop and listen is a sin.
Love give ways to greed, emotions find no place in the dictionary, but life has to move.
Darwin theory is upheld, but not in the right spirit which he might have thought while creating it
Looks are no longer with love, but with sympathy, words are not for comfort, but for demoralising.
We all are in a hurry just for, we are in the mad rush, a mad rush for the ordinary piece of paper which itself might not have thought it would be so valuable, but all this is only for one cause....
All our lives we sweat n save , building for a shallow grave

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