September 21, 2008

Special Day Called Onam

Onam never has been better than this...
The smell of fresh air,
cool breeze from the paddy field
fresh water of the pond
all these which I never cherished, are now worth more than words for me.
As my Granny say, Kannu ullapol athindae Vella ariyi illa (You never know the worth of your eyes when you have it)
For past 24 years Onam was like yet another festival for me, mostly spending time in front of computer, or office and watching the snaps, nothing more.
With life getting busier, Kerala just in dreams, it was a well deserved break. Thanks to Dad for forcing me to come home.
It was quite special... with a complete battalion of relatives waiting for me, to land, cousins whom i haven't met for years, only source was Orkut and Facebook to meet them. Uncles and aunts who almost forgot me. It was nice to see everyone getting together.
There were some curious onlookers to eager to watch me, yea the new members in our family, Sis-in-laws, Bro-in-laws who have just heard about me, never seen me (may be once during marriage function) and some of the little wonders, who celebrated their first Onam.
It was fun, It was not only me in this scenario, they was 5 such wonders like me, whom the complete family wanted to see... rather witness our existence.
Day started with we all being pushed out of bed as early as 6:00 am, (aha At last i saw a rising son), asking to take bath in the chilled pond.. it was fun to say.
Then the traditional foods... fats, carbohydrates were not on top of mind. It was just enjoy dude.
After a heavy breakfast, sat on to narrate the IT adventures to uncles. It was as if I had come from a war front.
There were few budding professionals, who now had a rethink about their dreams.
The Best place was the kitchen, and where else should I be in between ladies its fun dude...
As soon I dashed to kitchen, I was handed over the coconut and was advised to start grating.
Not sure how many coconuts I grated. But it was fun..
Lunch time... was yet another epic. It was non stop serving of dishes. I almost ended up gulping everything. Spoons and fork were away, hand were busy. Licking of payasam was a special experience which I forgot, thankfully the trace of that art was remaining in me.

Three days passed on like a whisker, but left is impression on ma mind. to be cherished for long.
The end result was ma happy mind, but a unhappy body, I had gained 4 kg in 3 days. Gods know how many weeks I have to spend for getting it reduced.
Bangalore here I come back... Aha Do i smell Namma Banagaluru some where....

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