November 09, 2008

A Date with _____

Life has been a roller coaster ride, sometimes it gave more than I wanted some times it didn't. The hiatus of this occurrence was beyond calculation, with no clear answer for any of my question until the day I went for a date.
A date which changed my outlook,
A date which changed my attitude,
A date which changed my lifestyle,
A date which changed everything.

The day kicked off, with a raised eyebrow. Cursing the blanket which denied be the proper comfort "Aha can't these guys make a softer blanket"
A peep outside the window, took my eyes on to the garden bench where some one laid under a torn blanket, in the chill with out complaining.
But I was complaining though

Gulping up the breakfast, I commented..The same old taste, the same old food. Can I have something different.
A look just round the corner, saw a elderly woman, standing to get a left over, with out complain about anything.
But I was complaining though
Sitting in my cabin, doing the work, something irked me, Air condition was not at his best, I complained to get it fixed so that I could work in comfort.
A sip of coffee and peeping through the window, I could see mason's working under the hot sun, with out even complaining.
But I did

Leaving late night from office, complaining about too much of work, I pushed towards exit just to see the same security saluting me day in and day out, with out even complaining
But I was
Tired after a heavy workout, my hands searched for those energy drinks.I said "Aha wheres the fizz, its do dull with out the fizz"
Turned back and looked beside, saw a kid who didn't even have tasted a full glass of milk, leave alone these energy drinks. But he was not complaining, I was though.

Listening to the news all complained about the job cuts. Hue and cry echoed in the air. Feeling sad about these events, I headed to balcony just to see bullock being led to butchery after years of service for his master. He was not complaining, even when death was his co passenger.

The eventful date thought me a lot, thought me which I never thought of.Just went on complaining with out much thinking. Not any more though, everything has changed and changed after
The Date with LIFE

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