November 06, 2008

Confundido mamá

A uncertain broker in the wall street, undecided on what to do, ambling across in the taciturnity of the streets.

This was me for past 1 week... undecided what had gone wrong. All this started with a vibration in my trouser pocket , it vibrated till i said the customary word....

Me: Heeellloooo... Mom!!

Mom: Hi Son, how u being doing today.

before I could answer in came the next question..

Mom : R U alright? Is there something which is bothering you.Make u unsettle.

With eye brows raising inch by inch and the rusted part of the brain started creaking, nothing was clear

Mom : Son, life is not a bed of roses, even if you want the rose there are some thorns hidden in it. If you fail getting one rose, never be disheartened.

Aha this was the limit, I was getting frenetic.

Me : Mom, can I ring u back later, I am in midst of something.

Mom: hmmm....

I was confused... brain cells woke up interrogating the cause of this call. Chaos, turmoil, upheaval, commotion, muddle, mayhem what word should I use to describe my situation.

Few hours later with the curiosity reaching its peak, I decided to ring back Mom.

Caller tune sang : Ma Ka Ladla Bigad Gaya.... (from Dostana) (Means: Mom's Darling has been spoiled)

Curiosity matrix touched its peak.

It was dad who picked up the phone.

Dad: Hey Son...

Me: Dadddd.. wassup mate... Wherez mom.. is she not around

Dad: Yes she is... she is just busy reading your blog

Me: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat My Blog

Dad: Yes Son... says thanks to your sis who found this secret out.

Me : Dad.. hold on... Did u read it..

Dad: Nop son, I will read it soon... U don't worry... Meanwhile you should have told me that you had an affair.How u guys broke....

Me : Dad .. those are just imaginations.. nothing is real... Is that what Mom wanted to speak to me in morning.

Dad : I guess so.

Ho my God.. Now I understood the story.. Mom read my blog as if she is reading my autobiography.. I tried to convince her that these are just my personnel musing, and no way related to my personnel life. Though some instance do.. not all.

She was not convinced, though she gave a Hmm in concern.

It was high time I decided to ring up Mom's personnel advisor.. My Sis....

Me: Sis wassup

Sis : Doing good Bro.. I am having your favourite shake, you want it dude

Me: Na sis, not in mood to gulp it..

Sis:(with a wicked smile) yea I can understand the feeling of Romeo...

Me: Hold on.. U know that I just write my blogs, and no way directly related to ma life..

Sis: yea I know, but this time I thought the other way... What ever U wanna me to convince mom.

Me : yea

Done deal was her answer, and must say she kept her word but...

Tea party at Cafe Coffee Day for Sis RS 500.

Red designer Saree for Sis Rs 3000

Convincing Mom about reality by Sis Priceless

For everything else there is a Credit Card

But to convince Mom its only Sister.

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