August 11, 2009

I, Me, Myself

Twilight covered the sky like a bed spread
Decibel level of the drooping birds was on rise
Seeing the Vapour lamps taking sheen away from the twilight I headed to the couch to get a wrap up of the day from the elegant looking lady with days report on hand.
Swapping across the channels and silently commenting on what came across my eye, my mind wandered into the dense forest of thoughts which hardly brew these days.

As the mind grazed the meadows of thought, some thing out of scene from the real world took away my concentration, a call from Ms W.

Ms W: Hi Dear, It's Me....
Me: Hi sweet!!
Ms W: Don't come to pick me up from work, I will come on my own...
Me: Huh, as u wish...

Like Magnetic waves waiting to pull the compass to its tune, some thing pulled me to its side, the much awaited nap.
From the clam and silence of embedded self, I woke with a jerk, to see the clock tick past and leaving the trace of history.

Got hold of my companion in silence and dialled Ms W to check for dinner menu.
Me: Hello
W: Hi...
Me: Watz up, started back to home...
W: Yea done will start in some time... Let me finish my dinner first...
Me: Ho... Oh... Huh....
Me: K, Cya

The candle which lit the table blew away.
The sizzler hot Corn, dried down.
Emotions was a like a blend of colours on the painters dish

I cooked up the dinner and gulped all by myself with a broken heart...

Thinking how selfish people get, they even forget the waiting ones
Better I am not that selfish... Err Am I not
How selfish of me, to gulp those foods without having a second thought of sharing.

This is when I realised
“Human history is the sad result of each one looking out for himself”

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