March 02, 2008

Tempest Conquered

They took away my belief, but they could not take away my power.
They portrait me as a looser, but they never discovered the Phoenix in me
Now fate and sorcery will conspire to maroon them in my domain.
My rules.
My revenge
I am Back.....
All giving me thumbs down, with all relishing the pomp and splendour of life, with all enjoying the way they could... i was still not sad... I had learned to survive.. survive the tempest, survive the turbulence of mind, survive to stay, learn to understand...and above all Learn to Wait

Yes I am happy in my own world where I had conquered the Tempest... and here I am the hero
A hero in the movie where all are just mute spectators, because I have arrived to build the dynasty of mine
It's my belief that every flower enjoys the air it's breath


Flyaway Mind said...

oye oye hero..the patient hero who learnt to wait ;) now that u have conquered, where is the party???

Preetha Nair said...

:) :)
Inspiring :)

Fresh Lime Soda said...

FM: Party.. I doubt life is not aboyt party ;) anyways will give u one we have our college get 2gether

Preetha: :) :) Yo I could in turn was able to inspire someone..;)Looking for some happy notes in ur blog from now... :)