March 23, 2008

Far yet to close

She was close, but I did not realise
She loved me, but I ignored it
She waited for me, but I was too busy
She is Faraway, but I now realised how close she was to me.

I missed her, the relation drifted away at glacial pace,but one fine morning, all was over
The glacier had sunk, leaving me searching

I was not ignoring you, instead I was setting up my career for you
I never admired your attire, but it never meant I was not liking them
I teased you, but I never meant to hurt you
I commented on your negative, but I always saw more positive in you.
I shouted at you, but it was filled more with love rather than anger

We never said we liked each other, but it was all in the air, it was there in our minds, but not in our lips... but it was too late...

You now remain in my dreams
You still rule my heart
You are not in my rear view mirror, but in my windshield
Your absence is the presence which I feel day in day out...
You are far away from me, beyond my reach, but I wish... I wish


sandeep said...

spot on ... this sounds pretty much like the men's side of the story :)

are the women listening?

Preetha Nair said...

awwww.....that must hurt...
yea....unsaid emotions go unnoticed...

loved the way u have written :)

and to San- visit little nothings for the women's side of it ;) hihihihih

Fresh Lime Soda said...

Sandeep: He he open challenge annalo chetta... With u allways;)

Preetha: Thnxz for those corrections.:)

Flyaway Mind said...

"She loved me, but I ignored it" well, now is it a case of distance makes the heart grow fonder?