March 07, 2008

Pot Luck 2 Pot Belly

Water Water everywhere not a drop to Drink
Food food everywhere, lack of space to occupy it.
Yes this was my state after the Pot luck which happened in my office.
Few highly active brain cells decided to showcase their cooking talents, to get extra admiration from those handsome hunks and the pot luck was born.The victims were we boys gang... who had no idea about cooking nor did they have some one to cook for them.Uncle gangs (We call the married guys Uncle Gang :)) some how managed to convenience their other half to cook and bring in the share.
For a part time cook, it was again not an easy job to cook, that to cook for 30 odd people.. ho my gosh.. If I cook, some souls will be biting their time going 2 loo.....;)

So we Bachelor boys decided to take service of some hotel to bring in those dishes.
Hey now the story is not this.. the story begins now.
With anticipation of great food, I skipped my breakfast.. it was 12:30 tom was active chasing Jerry in my stomach. I made a move to the pantry... Hoo what a scene, what an aroma.. I was blown away.
After few talks from our heads the mission began...
Ms N was in front of me in queue, we slowly took one dish at a time, I took few Paratas (India Bread) and some Veg dishes. Ms N hey did u try my Dal.. I said no.. She became so proactive and served me her Dal.... With prayers in my mind I started off..

The Dal was really good and blended well with my Paratha.Admiration started flowing to Ms N and few others whose Dish I had tasted. Suddenly I heard Ms L telling me.. Rechii did to take my Noodles. I said Nop buddy, I just started with Breads. Okie Do not forget to serve the same for u. Like an obedient student I went in to take those noodles. On the way Ms S said hey did U taste my Rajma Masala, Ms A asked did u taste my chicken curry, Mr S asked boy did u taste my Vada the list went on... When I was in front of the dishes.. I started picking up the dishes from the list, It was as if I was doing my Mom's grocery shopping, looking into the list and picking up the items. After getting all items in the list irrespective of the combination, I gulped them, and passing genuine comments to all.
I was almost full.Some space left for the Desserts, their came the Managers, they asked buddy U tasted my Biriyani, Mate did u taste my this that.. etc etc... Being the top guys I never wanted to break their Hearts and Screw up my appraisal, I went in and gulped them. With Lavish praise for their wife's. They indeed deserved it.
Now came the dessert, How can I can Skip it, and with beautiful team mates asking me to try their dishes. There was no space left in my tummy, I had to throw away the Tom's and Jerry's to accommodate some more dish.

Now was the comment passing time, I went on to each and every person to say my comment. I really loved the day, but I was unable to move, I was unable to work. Some Unknown forces were closing my eyes while on work. With hard efforts I tried to survive the day in office, not before where in Gym I had to do the extra work out. I was made to run a lot, and do lots of aerobics. I was famished.. but I enjoyed.... Food from all over world was in my stomach, throwing away my fitness manuals to air I enjoyed the pot luck and the pot luck succeed in bringing in a Pot belly for me on that day.Which was short lived...

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