April 23, 2008

Vishu with a Difference

The world awakens to new hopes, new dreams... this is what mom says to me about Vishu.

Every time when calender shows April 14, clock strikes 4:00am, I hear a sound calling me, piercing deep inside my conscious, breaking my sleep... but those soft hands covered my eyes, and guided me to heaven were a superb and mind awakening decoration waited.
Seeing those yellow coloured flowers, load Krishna idol, and loads other stuffs which were supposed to make my year ahead filled with joy and splendour.
All in the house woke up to this beautiful view, but for my mom, she was the person who decorated it, but what about her vishukanni, what about her year ahead.. no one thought it, at least not me.
Not anymore...
Mom all over world woke up early to decorate the vishu kanni, sacrificing their luck, well being for family. When asked all said, you all come in front of us first, then ourselves.
I was moved, but this Vishu things reversed.
Mom was not at her best with respect to her health, I knew she would find it difficult waking up early in morning to bring us joy for the year ahead, but felt she would forgo her health for us.
It should be our endeavour to make ma family prosper only to leave Father Time bear testimony to the zeitgeist because ‘A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step…’
I decided to take the step, this time before mother could wake up, ma sound pierced her sleep with eyes blind folded, it was her turn to view the most beautiful vishukanni created by dad for her, which she might have forgotten long long time back...
Once the ritual was performed tears poured from her eyes, she did not expect this...but once all was done, i felt the best feeling ever we had.the best ever vishu...

Vishu- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vishu


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Jennifer said...

Touching story.. reading it in itself is another kind of vishukkani. Thank you.

Preetha Nair said...

high five for that thought ... :)
any mother would be proud of such a wonderful family.

Wishing you a bright year ahead :)

sandeep said...

what a way to start the vishu!

it means a lot more to sacrifice... than to take and thats what all moms all over the world do! hands off to them ... and hands off to u for reversing it

Fresh Lime Soda said...

Jeniffer: thanks for the compliment.:)

Preetha: thanks and wish u the same, yea Mom was so happy.. and proud too..:)

Sandeep: Thanks dude.Moms are special, and they deserve much more than we can give them