October 26, 2008

Unending Pain for a Days Happiness

Clock struck 6:30 pm... eye balls rolled in search of something. . unable to trace its still kept rolling, passing on the pulses to brain cell to the neck, which also joined in the search. Something flashy caught the eyes.. it was flashing, with a small vibration... sounded like a bee over a flower to suck its nectar.
As the bee latches on the the flower, he hung on to it and taking in near to his sense organ he whispered... "Hai"

Looking at the surrounding he rushed to the private corner, and made himself comfortable.He whispered "how are you, today?
In came the voice : fine.. and U?
It was the typical conversation between two loving hearts. He often accompanied her with his voice till she reached her door steps... a care which he could afford sitting some distance away.
The picture was rosier, love birds just fluttered around in joy, breeze made them comfortable. all ingredients for a smooth and love filled conversation. The pains were shared, the love was left what else more could one ask for.. Yes he was lucky to have it.
Not all things stand long, so did his fairy tale, twist in the tale came, when the relation had to be broken, for a reason which he never dreamt of. His mind was in turbulence of the sea, unclear as an avalanche.
Like the colors mixed in water, thoughts just disturbed his mind.He for that few hours did not realise what he was saying. He did broke her heart, with he himself disturbed. She was sad, she wept tears, and gaining all courage she said, words which he wished to hear.. It was the pain for her for that moment...
A turbulence of non sense ideas, glacier paced smart thinking made his brain hibernate. Once the hibernation was over, he found himself in a no mans land. All alone in this world. It was 6:30 no more vibrations on his cellphone. No more whispering Hello.
He ringed the most familiar number to him, after few rings in came the voice he treasured most.
She was happy to see him call, after few round of apologises things started falling in place, just to find out that the base on which they had built this relation no more existed. She has moved on, moved on to a new life which she got not by choice but by chance. She was happy though.
She was sad for one day, but became happy ever after that, but he was happy for one day but sad ever after that. Mistiness in his mind cleared turbulence lie deep beneath with out any notice. He had to accept these line to be satisfied for rest of this life, yes of course in her dreams

Sometimes we hurt in order to grow,
Sometimes we must lose in order to gain,
Because some lessons in life are,
Best learnt through pain

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