November 20, 2007

Taj Malabar Omelet....

5 star hotel foods are always a delight, they not only look great, but also makes your wallet quite light.After finishing the bath @ swimming pool, I rushed to the restaurant to get my breakfast, I took 2 Idili's( a South Indian dish made of rice) and rushed to my seat to savour it. Then I saw the chef making his appearance near the stove in dining room, saw a long queue of people around him, getting there dishes made by him. On my way to get my glass of juice, I 2 thought of getting something made by chef, went to the counter, he was making omelet's. I order an Indian Omelet.

I thought it will be the same one which we prepare at home, but I was in for a surprise.

The steps were as follows.

1. Egg, onion, green chilly and pepper with salt to taste is mixed well
2. The mixture finds its way to the hot frying pan
3. Now comes a spatula from chefs pocket, he scrabbled the omelet. I was shocked.
4. The scrabbled bunch of eggs are now cornered to one side of the pan.
5. The shape is like a half moon, (Semi circle)
6. Its now cooked, only the outside gets cooked, inner part is half cooked(some thing like bulls eye), with pepper in it it did taste good .

I enjoyed it and now before I can digest it well, it was time for my meeting.....

Guys next in My dishes is Chola which I am all set to prepare, this weekend, watch out for it, and keep finger crossed..

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