November 23, 2007

Nervousness of loosing the Star

Yet another day at the office, looking at the crap codes, green screens, design documents which looks like an encyclopedia now to me.Some times writing the same, I felt like Valmiki writing Ramayana.
By Deskbar showed 12:30, Tom started chasing Jerry in my belly.... it was lunch time. I rushed for the search of Internet explorer.... hold on guys do not think more, I am not having explorer for lunch, instead i was searching our intranet for lunch menu card.
Ooh gosh... its the same old menu.. I want a change....

Made a sudden turn around to my team and asked for a lunch outside...A smiling node came from all,mm all were fed up with the same lunch.We decided to pushed to the food court.We decided for KFC. We searched for the menu card and decided on our orders. I stood on the queue for my turn.A girl turned up to take my order. I gave our orders.She accepted with a smile.

I wondered Air hostess came to land, she was pleasant in her approach.
The trainee badge was bringing the smiles from her.Probation period huh...She reiterated the order for me. I thought extra precaution from her side before she billed.
My retina suddenly found something shivering.It was the hands of the lady at the counter.Think I was her first order. Sun shown bright outside, temperature outside was rising, so was my hunger. The Girls mind was in between the daemon and sea. She was new the billing machine, and wondered will I loose my temper. Her eyes were running around desperately in search of help. People behind me in queue Ambled to other counters. She have pressed her Panic Button, but in vain,all attenders were busy helping their customers. Poor creature, was quit terrified. She passed a smile to me and said "Sir, Give me a Second".
Think for that time my adrenaline had gone for some other business, Smile came up on my face and a word no probs.

She sounded bit relaxed. Could hear he calling for help, Then she managed to pull in a guy, who cleared her her doubts, the paper with writing came out from the printer so was the sign of relief,coming from her face.

I payed my dues. She rushed in to get my servings. I could see she selecting big pieces of Chicken for me.

The dish found its way to my hand, she was bringing it with a smile, the smile of the princess who found her price, The smile of girl who cleared her exams. The Smile of a mom who was seeing her son after long.Those were the kind of imagination which ran thru my mind when the Girl Dressed in red came near me.
She was looking like a queen who had won her Battle....
In Japanese style she bowed down to give my dish, and said thank you.
Its when I came to know the power of smile, being calm which can bring a change in once life, at least to save the stars for which she was working.
All the best dude for your future endeavours.

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